Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #69 - Wise Beyond Her Years Edition

This past Wednesday was my mom's birthday. Sweetie asked her,

So, how old are you, Nana?

Oh, I'm really old. I'm 64.

No, Nana. Old isn't "old". Old is just a number - like I'm 4-years old.

Right you are, Sweetie. Old IS just a number. And do you know how old your great-grandmother is? She's 94!

That IS old!


I don't know if you know this, but Sweetie is so freakin' smart. Most notably is how easily she can get around on the computer. She knows the icon to click to get onto the internet. She knows where her name is in our menu bar (and thus where to click to get to And she knows where the Google Search field is and how to spell basic words to get her where she wants. For example (and, yes, I did check this out beforehand to see what websites turned up with this word...), she knows to spell "peep" in the search field, which leads her to the top choice in the results of

Last weekend Sweetie was wanting to go on the computer. As I had just sat myself down for a minute, I didn't particularly feel like getting up to help her get to the site she wanted. She said she wanted to go to

If you can get yourself there on your own - go right ahead.

Okay. (sits at the laptop, clicks and types for a bit, then....)

Aaah, mom. I forgotted how to spell "kids".

Then, as she finished her thought, she wordlessly hopped down from the desk chair and determinedly headed off to the bathroom. Five seconds later, she was back, muttering,

k-i-d-s. Got it. (obviously, there's something in our bathroom that she knows has the word "kids" on it. Darned if I know what that is, though).

A few seconds more and there she was - bipping around the fun kid's site just as happy as could be.


More Mrs. Smartypants stuff - a couple days ago Sweetie was looking at a page of a magazine we have lying on the floor in the bathroom. One page was fully open, with the other page folded around to the back, leaving only a small portion of that page's contents accessible to Sweetie's eye.

Mom, I see the word "you".

Where? (I looked and looked at the one full page showing and could not for the life of me see where she saw it).

Right there!

Then she pointed out to me where she saw the word on the page that was folded back. But, oh!, it was a mistake!

Oh! It says "your"! But I only could see that is said "you". I thought it said "you" by an accident! Ha!


Another magazine-related story: Sweetie and Nana were looking at a magazine this week when Sweetie correctly pointed out to her,

Look, that says ________ (our last name)!

Now our last name is only middlin' hard to sound out for the average kindergartener, I'd imagine. And certainly she knows what her name is and what it looks like. But to pick it out, completely randomly, from some old catalog at my mom's house - now that's impressive!


Lastly - even though we haven't done too much with her map puzzle lately, I did take it out a few weeks ago to show her that we were going to Connecticut soon. And that when we went to the Chocolate Place, we'd be driving all the way to Pennsylvania.

But before I got a chance to point out the latter, Sweetie pointed to the correct puzzle piece as she asked me,

That's Pennsylvania, right?

Right you are, Sweetie! Right you are.

You're just too darn smart.

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