Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So This One Time?... At Fairy Dance Camp?...

... When Sweetie looked so dang cute? And I was so prepared? Cuz, you know, I packed the camera and everything? I even brought a book for me to read? And we were ready to go in plenty of time?

And then? I saw it was raining out? So I had us get our rain jackets? And I bagged up all the stuff we needed? And I ushered Sweetie out to the car? With her bag full of stuff on my shoulder? And I closed the kitchen door behind me? And after Sweetie was in the car? I went for my purse?

And it wasn't there? Cuz it was locked in the house? With my car keys? And cell phone?

And my heart started pounding?

And I almost started crying?

And it was raining?

So we went to the neighbor's house?

And I knocked and yelled like a mad woman? I'm your neighbor!? I'm your neighbor!? And they (unbelievably) let us in?

And I called Papa Dave to come get us? And take us to Fairy Dance Camp? Really fast?!

Then I called Fairy Dance Camp? And they offered that Sweetie come a different time? And I was all, Oh no! She'd be so upset if she couldn't come today!?

And then we waited for Papa Dave? And waited? And I finally asked Sweetie if she'd rather go today, having missed some of the Camp? Or does she want to go a different day for the whole time? And she said she'd rather wait?

And then Papa Dave arrived? With Uncle Rob? And we just went back to Nana and Papa's house for the day?

And Sweetie was fine with this whole thing? Even though she'd been looking forward to this day for a couple months now? And I was the one who was so upset about having to miss Fairy Dance Camp today?

But Sweetie had a great time in her dance skirt and shoes at Nana's house anyway?

And now? We have to do it all over again on another day?

Except? Without the whole locking-us-out-of-the-house thing? With no car keys?

Because? Then? I really will be able to tell you? About this one time? At Fairy Dance Camp?...

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