Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #68

Sweetie and I were getting ready to leave the house the other day. Remembering my most recent adventure, I was intent on making sure I had everything I needed before we left the house.

I noted aloud:

Okay, I have the house key. I have the Saturn key.

Hey, Mom! We don't live on Saturn. We live on the Earth.


If you have been reading me for awhile and/or you know a thing or two about spina bifida, you'll know that I have certain special equipment to help me take care of my personal care - namely, catheters and vinyl gloves.

The gloves come in handy for lots of things, actually - from coloring my hair to dying easter eggs.

So on our trip last weekend when I asked Sweetie to find a book she was looking for in the blue bag we'd packed, she instead found my little blue bathroom bag.

Mom, I can't find the book. But I found the gloves for dying Easter eggs. I'll put them right here so they don't get smooshed.


On a related bathroom note, the three of us recently went to The Popcorn Store. Before the show, Sweetie and I took a side trip to the bathroom.

Now, Sweetie's been in the bathroom with me a countless number of times. Including other stops in small public bathroom stalls. But I don't think we've ever been in one that was this small before. So, in this instance, there was no escaping each other.

Therefore, this bathroom stop was the first time Sweetie's ever taken any real notice of my catheter.

But what did she say about it? Not much - she simply surmised:

Oh, grown-ups use that.


Guess what?! Sweetie actually had a Water Day this week at school. Yahoo!

As we were leaving her classroom, I noticed we'd forgotten her swim bag. I sent her back to her cubby to retrieve it - leaving me surrounded by several of her classmates.

They had lots of questions for me:

What's wrong with you?

What's that on your legs?

Oh - that's like a cane, but it's a stick with a little thingy at the bottom.

I thought you were a robot!

Uh. Maybe a "Sweetie's Mommy Show-and-Tell Day" would be a good idea after all.

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