Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mama Sunday - Special Edition

Theme: Decision

Sorry, no wine post today. Try again next week, please.

In fact, no posts at all for a week.

That's right. I've made a decision. For the good of my family - I'm taking a blogging break.

I'm really feeling that Sweetie sometimes starves for attention while Daddy is busy working on the house and I am trying to get blog posts written.

The next thing I know, Sweetie wants her own computer time - which is fine, and I'll give it to her. But after awhile I'm anxious for her to get off, just so I can get back on.

Today was a very tiring day.

Sweetie is particularly whiny. She's bored - not that she's using that word, but I can definitely tell that she's itching for something to do. However, everything we suggest, or she herself decides she wants to do (with us or herself alone) has more times than not ended in whines and tears. And fights with Mommy and Daddy.

I do feel bad. I understand she's frustrated and wanting us to interact with her. But today...

Hubby and I are so tired. Don't know why, really. But I'm yawning my head off and he's liable to snore on the couch at any moment.

We need more in our lives right now than hourly fights over who gets possession of the computer right now. We need to play together, read together, learn together, and spend time - together.

With that said - I'll see you in a week. I've got a whole lot of things to accomplish, on my own (cleaning, reading, crafting) and with the family (reading, dancing, playing and so much more).

Yep. Family Week.

And that's my final decision.


In the mean time, please check out my friend Courtney's new blog - Mama Mia, Here I Go Again. I'm so proud! She's another SB mom, raising her healthy daughter. But she's got extra challenges as well. She just posted her first entry today and it looks like she's going to have a busy week. But hopefully she'll post more soon. Stop by her site, read about what's going on for her, find out why she's so awesome, and welcome her to the neighborhood, won't you? Thanks!

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