Monday, July 02, 2007

Mama Monday #65

Theme: Freedom

Yesterday we spent the day at my Aunt and Uncle's lakeside camp. It was a beautiful, fun and relaxing day.

At one point Sweetie went off in the canoe with my aunt, my cousin and her little girl. When they came back, Sweetie was soaked.

The group had stopped to wade in the water during their adventure. But Sweetie - fully clothed Sweetie - decided to take it a bit further than that.

So upon their return my cousin helped Sweetie change and lent her a nice, warm hoodie to wear while her stuff dried in the sun.

I thought I heard a mention about Sweetie's undies being one of the clothing items on the drying line. But when I asked her, she (I swear) told me she was wearing her underwear.

Later, though, someone brought up the case of the drying clothes again, saying that Sweetie's shirt and undies were almost ready for her to have back.

Confused, I asked Sweetie again,

You're not wearing underwear?


But I thought you said you had them on?

No, I don't. See....

And, thusly, she proceeded to quickly drop her pants - right in the middle of the whole fam damily - to prove to me that she, in fact, was going commando.


Every Saturday morning, the first thing I do is give Sweetie a tubby. She'll come wake me up sometime after 7am, and I tell her to get to the bathroom and get ready for her bath - I'll be right there. This has been our routine for awhile now. Sometimes she's excited to take a bath, and sometimes not so much.

One Saturday morning a couple months back, I guess she was particularly happy about hopping in the tub.

How do I know? Because I woke to the sounds and sights of my cutie little Sweetie, bounding into our bedroom...... absolutely buck nekkid.


Getting Sweetie's clothes on for the day or PJ's on for the night can also be a fun time in our house. Usually it's very routine and no big deal. But on more than one occasion Sweetie has decided that with every new clothing item donned (or for every item she's been stripped of), she must run around our house to show off (to whom, I'm not sure) her current state of undress/dress.

As you can imagine this goes from parades of nakedness; to just socks; to socks and undies; to socks, undies and shirt; to - at long last and upwards of maybe 5 minutes later - a fully dressed little girl.

Ahhhhhh.... Freedom. To be that young and carefree again. How wonderful to be so free.

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