Monday, July 16, 2007

Mama Monday #67

Theme: Responsibility

My life, like for most people - moms especially - is filled with many responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities I'm staring down right now:

I have a responsibility to answer some interview questions for an upcoming Parenting NH article.

I have a responsibility to write and submit a book review to 1 or 2 publications for a great book I recently read, written by a friend.

I have a responsibility to review some kids' products here on my blog (We got 'em. Sweetie's not terribly interested in them. Hubby and I aren't completely overwhelmed with their awesomeness or anything, although I'm sure the right products for the interested child would go over well. There - is that enough of a review for you?)

I have some shoes I ordered that I have a responsibility to pack up and ship back - probably at my own expense.

I have a responsiblity to keep my wine customers happy. Thus far this has meant having to call Customer Service quite often in the last week or so - sometimes keeping me on hold for upwards of 1 hour - and sometimes having to disappoint my customers with subsitute wines when the ones they prefer are out of stock.

I'm running out of scheduled wine parties and have a responsibility to get myself some new contacts, get on the phone or email, and start hitting people up to book a party with me.

I have bills to pay and get in today's mail (note to self - more wine parties would help pay these bills.... or would they? Right now, I'm kinda seeing the opposite of this being the case).

I have a responsibility to read our next Book Club selection. I'm a slow, albeit eager, reader. So this is going to take some major time and effort to get through the 300+ pages before early August.

I have a responsibility to call Sweetie's pre-school and complain about my dissatisfaction so far with their so-called Summer Program. I'm paying extra money for her to watch videos and NOT have promised Water Days. Yahoo.

I'm on vacation this week - Hubby is not. This means it's my responsibility to entertain Sweetie all on my own. Family is in town starting tomorrow, though. So visiting them will certainly help fill the time. And Fairy Dance Camp is Wednesday morning - so there's that. Otherwise.... I may very well go insane dealing with/fighting with/entertaining dear little Sweetie who has been very grumpy lately (and, therefore, making me very short tempered and grumpy too). Right now she's playing Hullabaloo while I take care of this responsibility - writing my posts for my regular readers.

(Well - at least she's doing something active, if not interactive with her ever-lovin' Mama.)

I have a responsibility to put the house in order - at least getting the laundry done, the bathrooms tidied, the rugs vacuumed, and the dishes washed (by hand).

And I have a responsibility to keep not only myself, but my family happy as well. And right now with my tired, grumpy, overwhelmed state of being - I'm finding this responsibility to be the most difficult to fulfill.

Hubby wants to see a movie that I don't want to see. Going with him would compromise what I want to do and not make me a very pleasant moving-going companion. Not going with him deprives him of what he really wants to do.

Sweetie wants to play on the computer. I have to write/work on the computer. Letting Sweetie play for too long deprives me of getting some of my responsibilities fulfilled. Which I guess I don't really mind - I can do other things. But enough is enough, you know? Not allowing her to play means that A) she's completely upset, B) I will be on the computer instead and, thus, not playing with her (note the presence of Hullabaloo in our lives).

And me? I can't even tell you what I want to do....

Hmmmmm.... not worry about any of this stuff? Go to bed early every night - like I did last night - and just proclaim, Fiddle dee dee! I'll worry about that tomorrow.? That's a start, I guess. But very difficult, if not impossible, to do. And definitely not proactive at all.

But there you go. That's about as much responsibilty as I can take right now - committing to extra sleep.

Too bad the rest of the world doesn't revolve around me and what I want/need, huh?


Updated to say.... You know, getting up and actually doing stuff really makes you feel better! The bills are paid, the interview questions are answered, the pre-school has been called, the laundry is in the dryer, Sweetie has been happily building with her blocks and playing with her Play-doh for at least an hour now... and maybe I'll even find some time to read today while Sweetie plays outside. Things are looking a-okay after all.

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