Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #66 - Fun With Daddy Edition

Wouldn't you know it... just as soon as I posted last week's Sweetie Saturday, she started in with more great Sweetie-isms. I think the first one she said was directed to our cat, Spoon!.

You're so delicate, Spoon!.

And just a little while later, she followed this up with her proclamation that,

My feet are allergic to smoothies.


Speaking of smoothies, here's a good story...

Last weekend I bought Sweetie a pink ballet skirted unitard for her upcoming Fairy Dance Camp. On Sunday morning I had her try it on. She loved it! She kept it on for quite awhile.

When Daddy woke up he decided he'd make himself a chocolate smoothie. Sweetie asked if she could have some too.

Sure, but not while you're wearing your new dance dress.

Well... I don't want a smoothie, then.


But then, in the next 5 seconds when Daddy turned around to talk to Sweetie again, there she stood - naked as a jaybird, assuring Daddy that,

Well, I do want a smoothie. I only like them a little bit.


Told to Daddy as he and Sweetie lay in the hammock at Grammy and Grampy's house,

Mmmmmm... I smell the clouds. They smell like ravioli and... cloud oatmeal.


While "helping" Daddy clear out some junk from the attic...

Where's my trusty boat?

What are you looking for?

My trusty boat!

I don't remember it. - She never had a boat.

It's my trusty boat!

Then, she spied her trusty camera. A Fisher Price toy from our childhood, that showed pictures of animals from a 1973 trip to the zoo.

That's our trusty Sweetie! Always coming through for us with the cuteness.

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