Monday, September 03, 2007

Mama Monday #73

Theme: Lullaby

Hmmmmm..... of all the themes to trip me up, who'd have thought that it would be this one?

We all love music so much - especially Sweetie. It's so funny to hear her singing along to the radio (pretty accurately, too) and/or coming up with her own little ditties. She's such a dramatic little performer that, once she reaches the proper age, Hubby and I are definitely going to get her into some local children's theater.

But calming songs - lullabies - now that's not something Sweetie's interested in. At least not these days.

As I know I've mentioned here before, there used to be a song I'd sing to Sweetie when she was an infant. And this song would, without fail, calm her down and lull my over-stimulated babe to sleep. It worked like a charm - as long as I was the one singing it.

This was a song Hubby had learned while he studied in France. A friend of his there would play it on the guitar. Hubby liked it so much that he taught me a small portion of the lyrics (since, as someone not familiar with the French language, the simple chorus was easy enough for me to remember). It has a gentle, easy tune and I, too, loved it instantly.

Hubby even now keeps in touch with one French friend in particular. A few years ago, this friend found a CD with the much loved song on it and generously sent a copy to us. Upon playing the song, we were surprised to hear a much more upbeat version than we had been gently singing to a sleepy Sweetie. But it was still a great song that Sweetie instantly took a liking to and still to this day absolutely loves to hear and sing.

So, from a soft, soothing lullaby to a peppy dancing tune Sweetie can really get excited about - this particular song sure means a lot to our little Sweetie.

Find the song here - and enjoy.

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