Monday, September 24, 2007

Mama Monday #76

Theme: Aim

I am a short, tiny woman. I also have small feet that, because of my leg braces, require me to wear only flat (but not too flat) shoes.

You need to know these things so that you can understand how difficult it is for me to find clothing and footwear for myself.

(Hmmmm.... maybe that's why I don't ever crave shopping for myself - it's almost always a futile quest).

But there is a family wedding coming up.... and there's my sorry collection of pants to deal with on a daily basis.... and Kohls does have a petite section. We'd be near Kohls anyway when we go on our date on Saturday night....

Might as well give it a shot, then.

Okay, so I did make my way to the petite section of the store. But it seems to me like they cater more toward the short-but-larger woman. I could find sizes P8-P18 with incredible ease. But my P2 size - nada

(Yes, I too was shocked to see I was a P2. Last I knew I was a P4. But then I remembered that the clothing industry in general has been altering their sizes so that, for instance, P4 is the new P2. So there - I'm not shrinking after all....).

I was able to find a pretty skirt for the wedding, which I'd simply pair with a top I already own. But, unfortunately, I didn't try it on (I did try on a similar skirt of the same size, and that one fit okay, so I just figured....).

Got the skirt home and... it's too big.

I found no pants in my size at all. Bah.

I did find 2 pairs of shoes. So, there's that, which is awesome. But still....

After that depressing shopping excursion, Hubby and I found ourselves still with about 2 1/2 hours before our movie was to start. So now what do we do?

Well.... the L.L. Bean Outlet is right here. Might as well bop around in there for a bit....

Jackpot! I found not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of pants that are just my size. Yay! I can finally get rid of my black maternity pants! Woo hoo!

Not only that, but Hubby got a boat builder's jacket he's wanted since last year - at half price. And - bonus! - we found the perfect pair of high top pink-and-green (Sweetie's favorite colors) sneakers to gift her with after a (hopefully) uneventful overnight stay at Nana's.

Hmmmm..... my aim may have been off with thinking Kohls would bring me shopping success. But, thanks to a little bit of extra time, a little bit of redirection, and a whole lot of luck... great finds were able to be found, purchased and adored...

(Note 1: I must say, I had good aim in picking my Hubby too. He never complained once during our shopping trip as he waited for me to try things on. Or when he witnessed me getting depressed as I found nothing - at first - that fit me. Then, when I did find some appropriate things, he didn't complain in the least when I wanted to buy them. He knows the difficulties I find in this area, so when things that fit are found, he understands that I should snatch them up right away.)

(Note 2: As for my wedding guest outfit - I figured out something to wear from clothes I already have. I'm keeping the skirt, though. I do love it and I need to gain some weight anyway. With any luck, it will fit me just fine for the holidays).

(Note 4: Sweetie was not as thrilled with her new shoes as Hubby and I were to give them to her. We honestly thought she'd think they were the greatest things she's ever, ever seen. Ahhhh.... not so much. Oh well. I still love 'em.)

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Note 5: Thanks to everyone who took a shot at guessing the subjects of these photos. Aim was right-on for most on picture #1 - canned tomatoes they are! And FOM got it right (finally) with picture #2 - a close up of one of Sweetie's kitchen "fan". Thanks for playing!

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