Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #75

I'm happy to announce that Sweetie has gotten much better at Simon Says. It's now a rare instance where we can mix her up in the game.

This past week she and I were playing and I used the opportunity to quiz her smarts.

Simon Says, What's 2+2?


Simon Says, how do you spell dog?


This went on for a while, with me asking her basic intelligence questions appropriate for her age. But one answer that did kind of happily surprise me was when I asked her,

Simon Says, name a country other than the United States.

Without much pause, Sweetie excitedly answered,


(See there? Maybe we do talk about you guys a bit after all!)


Speaking (indirectly) of my far-off cousins, my aunt and uncle from Georgia (my cousin's parents) came for a brief visit earlier this week. How wonderful to get to see them again!

Sweetie has met my aunt and uncle before, but that was about 2 years ago. So, in preparation for their visit, Hubby and I went over with Sweetie who these relatives were (Nana's brother and his wife, Asa and Emmy's Granna and Papa, etc., etc...).

When they arrived at Nana's and Papa's house, we were there (along with many other family members) to greet them. We all had dinner together, visited a bit, then left for home.

Once home, I explained to Sweetie that she had to go to bed soon. But tomorrow was a Nana Day, so she'd get to see everyone again.

You'll get to play with everyone - Nana, Papa Dave, Aunt Claudia, Auntie Sue, Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff.

Uncle Jeff?!

Yes. My Uncle Jeff. Not Abby's daddy. (one of my brothers is named Jeff too. So Sweetie has 2 Uncle Jeffs).

Oh. I LOVE Uncle Jeff!

Wow! That's great! (You hardly acknowledged him at all at Nana's tonight. But...) I'm sure Uncle Jeff with be thrilled to hear that.


Other Sweetie-ish things from this week.

Sweetie: I know, Mama! I know everything!

Me: Oh yeah? What's 6+7?

Sweetie: (without even a moment's thought put into it) I don't know.


Sweetie playing under our kitchen table with her stuffed friends and her telling us that her Teddy was having a Wine Party.


After listening to Sweetie babble on and on and ON about one thing or another...

Hubby: Sweetie, do you talk this much at school?

Sweetie: Well.... I surely do!

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