Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #72 - More Hershey's Fun Edition

When we arrived to our hotel in Hershey, PA last Saturday, we were informed that our room was not yet ready for us. No problem! With four restaurants and a coffee shop in-house, we had plenty of places to explore and ways to keep ourselves busy during our wait.

We happily accepted the four large Hershey chocolate bars given to us at the check-in desk and headed to the Cocoa Beanery coffee shop. But not before stopping by the kids' check-in desk where Sweetie was given the chance to guess the number of Kisses in the jar, then sent off with a fun bunch of coloring/activity pages to work on.

As Hershey Park is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, there's lots of promotions going on to highlight this big anniversary. On a small scale, this included one of the pages in Sweetie's Hershey activity book asking questions based on the number 100. I'd ask her the questions, then write down Sweetie's answers. Here are a few of my favorites:

Question: If I had 100 friends, I would...

Sweetie's Answer: Shake their hands and say, "Hi, I'm _________"

Q: If I had 100 legs, I would...

A: Cut 'em off and make them into two.

And my favorite question/answer of all:

Q: If I had 100 eyes, I would...

Now, I should admit that at first Sweetie answered similarly to the 100 legs question. But I told her, Ow! No! That would hurt! You can't do that! Think of something else. (no, I don't know why I didn't object to the original cutting off of legs. But I do have a thing about no eye trauma allowed. So, there's that...)

So what was Sweetie's second choice resolution?

A: Well... I'd go on the computer and go to


After our first full day at Hershey Park, the three of us sat at our hotel's fancier restaurant for desserts and drinks (so fancy that we had to go to the lobby, up the escalator, down an impressive corridor, out the front (back? side?) of the building, and across a small foot bridge over a koi pond to get there). I took the relaxing opportunity to ask Sweetie what was her favorite thing she did that day.

Well..... (yes, she's taken to starting most statements with this dramatically thoughtful preface)... I liked riding the escalator.

Great! Just great. We got up before dawn, drove 400 miles across 5 states, just so you could be happy to ride an escalator. If we knew that's all it would take to impress you, we could've gone to the freakin' mall back home.

Then, at the end of the next day, I had to torture myself again by asking Sweetie the same thing - what was your favorite thing about today?

Well... buying my eye glasses (new sunglasses), of course.

Of course. Not the water park, not more rides. But sunglasses.

Ain't you just a cutie?


In telling others about our trip, I'm frequently relaying the story of how Sweetie and Daddy went down the really big, really fast water slide. In fact, I was telling my cousins and aunt about the excitingly watery adventure, when Sweetie interjected that she did think it was fast and scary, but fun too.

Yeah... I was brave.
(Sweetie said with a proud little smirk and heroic nod of the head)

You sure were, Sweetie. You're just about the bravest, smartest, sweetest little Sweetie I know.

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