Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rejoice, Reflect.... Relax

Friends - today is the day!

Today is the day to Rejoice, for we have been sent word of a wonderful new website - A website aimed at disabled adults seeking information, support, and friendship. The site is up and running already with a ton of interesting articles, blogs (like mine!) and communities. By the end of September it will make its official premier and be a true thing of beauty. - Transforming the way people living with disabilities communicate.

Today is the day to Reflect. For, as a member of the Disaboom blogging community, I am presented with the perfect opportunity to sit back and remember all the things that got me to who I am today - the loving and capable mama (who happens to have spina bifida) of my healthy and active Sweetie.

See, here at Sweetie & Me, I'm mainly writing about the here and now. And the reality of that is moving much more toward plain ol' "mom stuff" and somewhat away from the "disabled" mom stuff. Yes, of course my spina bifida will always and forever be a part of my - and Sweetie's - life in little and big/significant and insignificant ways. But for now, I see that Sweetie's growth of body, spirit and independence is only allowing the Disabled Mom Issues to take a bit of a back seat to the general Parenting Issues. So that's mostly what you get when you read me here these days.

Enter - my Disaboom blog. The place I can get back to basics. Back to the beginning. Back to a forum where a whole new group of interested people can easily find my stories about the early days of Sweetie's existence (and pre-existence) in our lives.

Of course, I truly hope that Disaboom allows me to stick with them long enough to get to The Now. I am excited to talk about it all over there. What an exciting adventure to undertake!

So, with all of this.... today is the day to Relax. For today marks my last Sunday post here at Sweetie & Me. As I now regularly contribute to three blogs (this one, New England Mamas, and Disaboom), I am writing one place or another every single day of the week. Except Sundays. I hereby declare Sundays to be Writing Free Days. Family Days. A Day of Rest. The End.

I invite you to join me at NE Mama's on alternating Tuesdays (the 1st and 3rd weeks - this next Tuesday being the 1st week); at Disaboom on alternating Tuesdays (the 2nd and 3rd weeks), every Thursday, and alternating Fridays (the 1st and 3rd weeks). And right here at Sweetie & Me every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Got that? Man! I'm just everywhere!

Phew! That's a big schedule! I better go lie down for awhile so I can gear up for all I have to do.


Just so we're all on the up and up - my new blogging gig at is a paid position. New England Mamas - now that's just for fun.

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