Sunday, September 02, 2007

Of W(h)ine and Song

Did someone, somewhere decree that all Sundays are now International Whining Day? Or maybe it's a newly declared American holiday. No? Oh. Okay, then. I guess it's only a "special" day for we three fortunate folks in the House of Sweetie and Me. All I know is that Sweetie sure knows how to do it up right - Every. Single. Sunday.


Anywho, enough about the whine. Moving on to the wine! (and this time, some not associated with The Traveling Vineyard - although, if I had my druthers, they absolutely would be).

Yesterday we hosted Nana and Papa for dinner. This, in exchange for their decorating sense (Nana's) and brawn (Papa's) while we produced our own version of FreeStyle for our living and dining room areas. The rooms now look great and our evening meal together, while meager, was tasty nonetheless.

Before the turkey burgers and chips were served, mom and I toasted our furniture-rearranging-successes with a bottle of Root:1 Sauvignon Blanc, 2006 from the Root:1 Winery. (well, I personally picked it up at our local market but, you know, gotta give some props to the winery itself).

Boy, was it good! This is a refreshing white wine with a strong start and a light, simple finish. It has a fruity nose and a light yellow/greenish appearance. This non-oaked Chilean wine was a pleasantly surprising treat that I'm eager to pick up again.

Another terrific wine is the Pinot Noir, Amber Ridge Vineyard, available from Kindred Wines.

Now, Kindred Wines is near and dear to Hubby and my hearts, as Hubby's uncle Tim is co-founder/co-owner of this co-op winery in the San Francisco area. Kindred uses some of the highest quality grapes from the Russian River Valley to create truly exquisite vineyard offerings. One of which being the aforementioned Pinot Noir.

This medium-bodied red is a very fruit-forward wine with warming hints of cedar and cigar smoke. Bottled just last autumn, this Pinot is perfect for sipping right now, but will also age beautifully if you'd prefer to save it for a future special occasion.

Thus endeth the summer Sunday wine posts. Amen.


And now, didn't I say something about a song? Ah! Oh, yes!

I can't leave you today without singing the praises of one Miss Andi Diehn, a freelance writer who penned an excellent article for this month's Parenting NH magazine. Why is it such a good article, you ask? Well, because I and my lil' ol' blog here are mentioned in it, that's why! Check it out here and/or, if you live in the area, pick up a copy of Parenting NH for yourself. Who knows, maybe in a few years' time, the September '07 issue will be a valuable collector's item. :)

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