Monday, September 15, 2008

Mama Monday #40.1

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It's so funny to me when Sweetie uses big words. For instance, if I tell her to pick out a game and I'll play it with her, she could whine about how she doesn't know which game to pick. But instead she says she doesn't know what option to chose.

It's just cute.

Well, today I may be faced with my own options from which I must make the best decision possible.

Today, I'm starting a new job. Please, please - don't get all excited now. I got it through an employment agency and the full extent of the duties (as has been explained to me thus far) is that I'll be opening mail and doing some data entry. It's a long term assignment (that is, no end date has been pre-determined) and it's only about 2 miles from my home. Wonderful!

Oh, and it's second shift. Yippee.

Actually, that's good. I'll still be completely free in the morning to get Sweetie to and from school, then have a few hours with her before I have to go to work. But that leaves she and Hubby to deal with each other every evening - Monday through Friday - with Hubby having to take over bath time and bedtime much more often than before.

So that's what I'm starting today. Not a glamorous job, by any means, but a job nonetheless. Which may - I presume - lead to bigger and better and more PERMANENT things down the line if they like me well enough, but who really knows. The agency rep who hooked me up with this position honestly seemed much more concerned that I was a warm body living in this small town where this random job assignment showed up for, than what kind of person I am and what I am capable of doing in the working world and how he and his agency may be able to better suit my personal goals.

I'm just sayin'.

Then there's this OTHER long term assignment I'm about to find out more about this morning when I go to another temp agency and meet with that staffing rep. I've already spoken with this gentleman on the phone, where he more or less gave me a pre-interview to see if I'd be well suited for a particular job. What I know about that job is: It's a few towns away from where I live (maybe about 17 miles or so), it's about the same pay as the other job, it would be a day shift that would still leave me time to drop Sweetie at school before heading up to work, and my duties would involve calling various companies to see if they want to be involved in a certain kind of fundraising event for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. And I think he mentioned there may be room for growth there.

On that job - I like the hours. And even though cold calling companies isn't something I'd be thrilled about doing, I know doing this job would improve my comfort level for making such calls and would give me a whole new skills set to add to my resume - fundraising abilities. I think I'd feel more like an "honest and true" member of the working world again with that job because I'd be working during "regular" business hours, with an office full of people, where I'd at least feel like I have to dress nicely each day, and I'd be doing a job that was helping to make a difference.

As opposed to working with a small group of people, off hours, doing boring work that I think may drive me insane.

But the "for certain" off hours job is in town - lots of money saved on gas. And the hours aren't that bad - I'll still have lots of time to myself and with Sweetie (if not Hubby).

But the potential "I-may-be-offered-after-my-meeting-this-morning" job is 5 more hours per week. But it's much further from home - lots more gas used up. But the hours are great! But the work will be challenging in that I'll most certainly have to deal with people who are less than thrilled to get solicitation calls.

Ugh! Decisions, decisions! Of course, it all hangs on the balance of what comes from my morning meeting today. But I feel like I'll be having to look over my options very carefully and very quickly very soon.

I'll most likely stick with what I've got for certain - the 2nd shift mail processing/data entry job. It's in town and I won't have to deal with outside "crazies" (meant in the nicest way possible, of course).

But then again - that MDA job may turn out to seem awfully tempting!


Who knows.... I'll keep you posted... I'm just happy, and lucky, to have some options to chose from in the first place.


UPDATED: Just got back from my meeting. Turns out the gentleman I met with can only approve me for the position to a degree - which he did. Now I have to go to a "class" with a pool of other candidates (which will be Thursday morning) to watch a video and learn more about the job from the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. people themselves. They will then make their decisions from the pool of people regarding whom they think will work best for the job. SO - at least this gives me a few day to see how I like the 2nd shift job before having to possibly make any further decisions - if chosen.

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