Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #124 - Facebook Edition

Yeah... so... Hi!... How are you? I'm good. We're all good. I just don't know what to offer here in terms of Sweetie's weekly Sweetie-isms. Because I don't feel like I've seen too much of her this week.

Oh! I can tell you that Sweetie is, more or less, over her "love phase". Not that she's turned the other way, that is. She's just - Sweetie. Which is great! But there was one lingering instance late last week, while driving in the car, that Sweetie piped up from the back seat, completely out of the blue:

You're very handsome, Daddy.

Thank you, Sweetie.

I really like your hairstyle, Mama.

Thank you.

Ummm.... okay.... that was random.... what Eddie Haskell-type kid is in your class? Where are all these compliments and fits of love coming from!

Anyway. Back to this week. Sweetie did show me how to make the Bowling Buddies game on Facebook go faster, by clicking away your dancing avatar between rounds so you can get right back to the bowling. And when it finally became a habit for me to click the avatar away without Sweetie's reminder, she congratulated me:

Good, Mama! You remembered to click. Good job!

And then she went and showed me all up by doing so much better at playing Bowling Buddies in my place than I've done. I even think Sweetie got a Turkey!

Sweetie loves that bowling game, but I think pretty much only because she believes we're all "practicing" for the glow bowling birthday party we're going to next weekend for Sweetie's friend. Poor thing - I think she's going to be sorely disappointed when she sees how different real bowling is from virtual bowling.

Oh, and then Sweetie "made" me click on the Pet Society game at Facebook so we could create our own virtual pet to take care of. I let Sweetie decide what our pet looks like. And I let her name him. Mr. Lovah Lovah. Of course.

Now I'm just hoping Sweetie will forget all about it. I don't want to be roped in to taking care of a virtual pet - making sure it's well fed, well groomed and well loved. I don't even like our real cats very much! I cannot be held responsible for the pitiful demise of Mr. Lovah Lovah. Just don't remind Sweetie, m'kay?

So - that's it.  Apparently - from what I've heard - Sweetie and Hubby have had a grand ol' time of things on their own these last several weeknights. Reports of minimal T.V., dancing in the kitchen, late dinners, and early bedtimes all seem to indicate that all is well and lovely. Other than the night Sweetie informed me (happily so) that her dinner consisted entirely of tomato soup and a carrot, that is. 

Whatever. It's the weekend now. This working girl is glad to have a few days off before heading back to the grind. I hope y'all have a nice weekend as well. Enjoy.

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