Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #123 - Sweet Lovin' Edition

So, um... I have mentioned how much Sweetie loves school, right? Because she, uh... REALLY looovvvvees school. Oh, and just about everyone - and everything - else these days too.

I'm calling it XTreme Lovin'. And I'm also calling it somewhat disturbing.

I love three things, Daddy. I love you, I love 7:00 and I love Mama.

(Yes, I too noticed that I got third billing. C'est la vie. I'm used to it by now).

(Oh, and 7:00 is the time she must get up every school morning in order to get to school on time).

Some examples of Sweetie's XTreme Lovin':

* She is super hyper these days: twirling herself around and around and AROUND on the floor for a very long time, just for the fun of it. (Okay, that one isn't so much love-filled, just high energy filled).

* She climbs up on furniture - sofas, low coffee tables, chairs, etc - and then jumps at you (apparently hoping to land in your arms, which never works, especially if I'm the jumpee), exclaiming, "I love you Mama (Daddy, Nana, Grammy... whoever)!"

* She runs at you and latches on, giddily clinging to you and hanging from you, all the while proclaiming her love for you.

* If she's being scolded for whatever reason (not eating, not listening, whatever), she counters the disciplining she's receiving with a clingy/hanging/hug-filled showcase of the exuberant love she has for you.

* The other morning when I woke her from her sleepy state at 7:00 a.m. (usually she's wide awake on her own by then), this exchange took place between us:

Good morning Sweetie. Time to get up.

(she sits her droopy-eyed head up in bed and mumbles "Good morning." While I walk away to the bathroom).

As I near the bathroom, Sweetie's voice rings across the air with this out-of-the-blue declaration:

I love you, Mama.

* And, of course, if you ask her if she likes school, she corrects you:

No, I loooovvvee school! It's great! No! It's swweeeeeetttt! (high pitched, drawn out giddiness included).

What I'm sayin'? Sweetie, for one reason or another, is a big ball of love these days. A frenzied, high energy, wearing-her-heart-on-her-sleeve, sweet lovin' Sweetie. I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong! I much prefer a love drunk Sweetie to a pouty, school-hating, life-hating, defiant Sweetie. I am just curious as to the origins of her sudden turn toward the love lights. I've asked her what's up with her. She's not offering any explanation.

Weird. Great!... But weird.


Shortly after watching a Sid the Science Kid episode this week about how fruits and vegetables grow, ripen and decay, Sweetie had a coughing fit (yeah, she still has a cold. But she's handling it well - obviously! And, no - I don't think her high energy lovin' is a result of cold medicine overdosing, because I'm only giving her a bit of medicine on occasion when I really feel she needs it). 

Anyway, so she had a coughing fit. A pretty bad one, it seemed to me. My face contorted into a worried, sad state as I watched Sweetie get through it.

Then she turned to comment:

Mama, I saw you look at me as I coughed and it looked like you had a decay face.

Hmmmm.... great. No, I'm not decaying, Sweetie. I'm just worried about how you're feeling.


Hubby reported the following exchange on night after sitting next to Sweetie in her room, reading her bedtime story, then tucking her into bed.

As he was leaving her room, he asked:

Do you have anything else to say before I leave, Sweetie?

Yes.... you were sitting on my tissues, Daddy.

Yes, I was.

Uh... the tissues are flat now.

Yes, they are.

Thank you for ironing my tissues with your bottom, Daddy.

Your welcome, Sweetie.

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