Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Taking Stock

I've been wondering lately whether or not this blog is of any "use" anymore in the blogosphere.

I mean, I haven't written here about spina bifida related topics in a very long time. Concerning that, I now write such posts at Disaboom, and am very happy to do so. While here I write about regular life, funny (or irritating) Sweetie stuff, and other complete randomness. 

Does this really need to continue? Should it continue? I just haven't been able to make up my mind on that.

Then I get a new email from a new reader. A reader who has spina bifida, is expecting her first child, and is thrilled to have found my site. Sure, she may be mostly reading my older posts at this point. But she's reading, she's gaining insight, and hopefully some comfort. And she's glad to know she's "not the only one."

Then I chat with one of the regular readers of this blog over at Facebook. She's an old friend of Hubby's and has often left comments here. She's also been kind enough to send Sweetie some of the very best things in Sweetie's life (her Bunny, some books, and a recording of a particular song Sweetie loves). Anyway, in chatting with her I've learned how "addictive" she thinks reading my blog is. She's also carefully read some of the book reviews I've done over time, and has now read and enjoyed those books - all because of my suggestions.

Then I receive sweet comments from friends and readers who understand my recent doldrums, but encourage me to move beyond these feelings and get back to writing and believing. "Write what you feel. We'll still read." Reminding me that their friendship is always there and that the universe really does work in remarkable ways. Friends who are thinking of me and glad to know about my "sense of peace". 

And so - this blog stays. As always, I cannot guarantee regular witty, thought provoking posts. And I can only hope that what I think of as Sweetie's funny comments also make you chuckle a bit. I can assure you that you'll still see plenty of random fluff here from time to time. But I will be here regardless. I'd be thrilled if you stuck around and continued to see what I come up with.

Oh, and on the school front - so far, so good. Sweetie, remarkably, is not blabbering on incessantly about the crazy good fun of kindergarten. But I am positive she loves school and she happily answers any and all questions we ask her about her days. I'm sure, as the days go on and she become that much more familiar and comfortable with her new friends, teachers and schedule, that the stories will start to spill from her with unstoppable excitement.

Lucky you, dear readers - I'll write all new Sweetie (and Mama) discoveries, observations and hilarity right here - just as I always have.

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