Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Tonight, I've Got a Headache

So I had this whole post in mind - a great tie-in between a book I just finished and Hubby's take on his new found duties as the one-and-only-evening-time-parent. I'll probably still write it very soon. But just not tonight.

It's late, I've had one heck of a busy week, and tomorrow is no exception. I'm home from my 3rd night of the mail processing job (1st night: this isn't so bad, nice people, interesting enough work. 2nd night: still okay, getting a better hang of things, new co-worker is a fellow mom of an afternoon kindergartener at Sweetie's school. 3rd night: this is going much slower than before, my machine keeps jamming, I'm not doing anywhere near the numbers I should be, I want to be home!) and I'm wondering what tomorrow's meeting/orientation/interview at the MDA will be like. All things being equal, I'm really thinking I'd prefer a day job than a night job. So we'll see.

Anyway - it's late. I've got dishes to do, a bath to take, some Advil to take, and an attempt at peaceful sleep to wish for. 

Good night. I'll be back later.

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