Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here's the Poop

Okay, this is the last post on the potty training/bathroom habits of Sweetie. Really. Promise. For now, anyway.

So she was working on it all day yesterday, but she finally did it. She pooped in the potty!

She had been pretty grumpy and whiney all day. And she kept going back to sit on her potty even after having just peed. So I knew she was working on something. But we went about our business anyway, taking her with us as we went clothes shopping at a couple different stores (she had to visit both store's restrooms, of course. Two stores, three bathroom visits, only two of which produced anything).

We got home from shopping and fixed dinner. Sweetie wanted nothing of it. She sat with us for a few minutes at the table, had maybe one bite of food, then started squirming. She wanted a treat (after all, she had just previously peed in the pot). We said she could get two treats, but she had to eat her dinner. Nope. She got down from her chair and we told her that was fine, but no more treats for the day.

Hubby and I sat at the table, finishing our supper as Sweetie walked past us into the bathroom. Soon she walked back to the living room, carrying the little pot from her potty training chair (which had been emptied and left in the bathroom right before supper). She smiled silently at us as she passed by. It was funny to see her so matter of factly walking with the pot, on her way to making her potty chair usable again.

So, like I said, Hubby and I were finishing dinner and she's noisily playing in the living room. She'd been so whiney, cranky and tearful all day that her current carrying ons didn't even register with me as anything out of the ordinary.

Then, all of a sudden, Sweetie's announcing, Now I get two treats!

No. The only way you're getting any treats now is if you poop in the potty. I inform her as I rounded the corner to check on what she was up to.

And there she was, our mini Vanna White, proudly showing off the contents of her potty chair.

See? It's poop, Mommy.

Why, yes. It certainly is, Sweetie.


I won't go into anymore detail. Suffice it to say, Sweetie got the "pooping" treat she'd been working on all day: letter cookies. She wanted to spell out my name. So that's what she got: "M" "O" "M"

One final note: yesterday I did give her two servings of orange juice and a small spoonful of honey. Both natural laxatives. And we also found a tub of candied pineapple in our cabinets. She had some today and loved it. Looks like we found ourselves a new potty treat! Now, instead of M&M's, whenever she goes potty she'll get the candied pineapple, which will help her go potty some more.

Candied pineapple, orange juice, apple juice and other fiber-filled foods are definitely going to be much more prevalent in Sweetie's diet, at least for awhile. Anything to make her more comfortable about her new bathroom routine.

Yay for Sweetie!

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