Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Reveal

Happy Father's Day! Finally, I could give the gift I've been dying to give for about six months now. And it was a big hit, as I knew it'd be.

So, do you want to know what it was?

Well, literally speaking, I gave my Hubby a simple book.

But, oh what a book! Called The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine, it is exactly the book he needs.

I also gave him this shirt from this collection .

See, my Hubby is the epitome of The Renaissance Soul. He has so many loves, so many interests, so many talents and passions. He's constantly starting projects and leaving them to pursue new ones. And he's endlessly anguished about what he truly wants to be "when he grows up". He's multi-faceted. He's Sweetie's Daddy. He's my Hubby.

I'm so excited for him to have this book now and reap the benefits of Lobenstine's words. And the corresponding website is awesome! Offering quizzes, newsletters and daily tips, as well as the opportunity to attend Renaissance Soul workshops and/or even hire Lobenstine (at a reasonable rate, I might add) as a Life Coach to help you focus your interests and goals. There is also a Renaissance Soul on-line store. That's where I got the tee shirt, but there are so many other fun things to buy, helping to keep you inspired and motivated.

So that's it. I just thought I'd follow up on that for you. Hubby dove into the book immediately and really seems to like it. He says it's "perfect" for him. Yup - I knew it.

Happy Father's Day! May we all find and follow our lives' passion(s) to the happiness and life fulfillment we all deserve.

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