Thursday, June 01, 2006

Potty Training: The Rundown (The Legs)

How Things Differed From My Attempts Last October:

1) Currently: I knew days in advance that Memorial Day Weekend would be Training Weekend. As opposed to spontaneously deciding out of anger and frustration that, "That's it! No more diapers!"

2) Currently: Because I had a plan in advance, my husband also knew what to expect. As opposed to his being upset by my spontaneous, anger/frustration induced solo decision that "today is the day!". The current result: full spousal support for me and full parental support for Sweetie.

3) Currently: I've learned Sweetie's bathroom routine. That is: approximately every 2-3 hours, she pees. This, opposed to being shocked at just how much one little girl can pee! I'm talking, literally every 10 minutes when off the potty and not peeing one drop when on the potty (even after 45 minutes of waiting).

4) Currently: Sweetie more regularly wakes up with dry diapers. Most mornings, she's dry as a bone (but, for now, she's still staying in pull-ups overnight). As opposed to waking up soggy and wet everyday.

5) Currently: Sweetie is upset by accidents. It's no fun to pee down her legs and on her toes, and it doesn't make mom and dad or Nana too happy to clean up after her. Opposed to her not caring in the least or, for that matter, even noticing when an accident has occurred.

6) Currently: Sweetie is decked out in all her pretty dresses. I don't often put her in a dress, even though she has many. But Potty Training Days call for easy access, so dresses it is. Opposed to simply trying to keep her clean and dry in anything!

7) Currently: Something magical happened at Nana's house yesterday morning. After two big accidents in a 1/2 hour time period - on Nana's nice new carpet, no less - my mom had a "serious talk" with Sweetie. I have no idea what mom said to her, but the very next time Sweetie had to pee, she stopped her playing, told my mom, and made it to the potty on time! And ever since - success! Sweetie has regularly either announced that she has to pee, or she simply takes herself to the pot all on her own. In fact, at school today (her first day back since training began) I'm told she sat herself on the potty about every 10 minutes or so - not doing anything all those times - just sitting. But eventually, she did in fact pee. An accident free day! Yay! All this, opposed to my mom's role during my last training attempt when I asked her to quick buy and deliver to me some more big girl undies because, gosh darn it, Sweetie's learning today and I don't have enough underwear for her!

8) Currently: We've just completed Potty Training Day #6 and we're still going strong. Actually, I'm pretty confident in announcing: she's trained! We are still working on the pooping in the potty thing, though. I know that's a common sticking point for kids. Do any of you kind readers have some suggestions for getting kids to poop on the pot? I'd love any advice you can offer. Opposed to five hellish hours of puddles on the floor, stains on the carpet, an apathetic trainee, an upset husband, and finally running out of clean laundry (even after mom brought me new underwear), all adding to my angered and frustrated state of mind at the start of the process. Five hours of Potty Training Day and I gave up.

9) Sweetie has the cutest little "knowing" smile. When she pees on the potty, she looks up at you and just beams! Adorable. :)

Results: Success! I'm not only so proud of Sweetie, I'm also proud of myself. This dreaded "event" that I have so been fearing for about a year and a half now - done! And pretty easily at that! Thanks to the advice of friends and family, the help and support of my husband, mom and Sweetie's teachers, and Sweetie's readiness to master this exciting new part of growing up, potty training has successfully taken place.

Now - seriously - can someone please help with this whole "pooping in the potty instead of a pull-up" thing? It's our last obstacle. Thanks so much in advance!

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