Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #12

Netflix movie of the day: Cinderella.

Today I feel the need to muse on my fast-growing little Sweetie. Not just physically, but in all ways - Sweetie is growing up.

Physically: Sweetie is destined to be quite tall - both her paternal grandfather and great grandfather are well over 6 ft. tall. Sweetie is definitely on her way there too.

We got together with friends last weekend. Their daughter is about 10 months older than Sweetie, so she's always been taller than Sweetie. But this latest visit showed just how quickly Sweetie is catching up. Her friend is still taller, but not by much at all. Wow!

But I'm getting frustrated with this whole growing business, actually. A few weeks back, when we had a string of hot days, I switched out Sweetie's cooler weather clothes for the shorts and tee shirts of summer. And, having seen that some size 4 pants were too little for her around the waist, and size 4 dresses were too short for her, I figured it's time to dig out the size 5's.

Weird, but whatever. I mean, she was just in the 3's - and she's not a big kid (tall, yes. But not heavy). Regardless, she seemed to have more or less skipped over the size 4 stage. Okay, then.

But, unfortunately, I didn't have many summer hand-me-downs in the size 5 range. So I went shopping and bought her about four or five pairs of shorts (shirts still are good in size 4, which she has plenty of), capri pants and a bikini.

Long story short - size 5's are entirely too big!

What was I thinking?! She is only 3 years old, after all. She should be nowhere near size 5's yet. And, obviously, that's true. But I've already de-tagged the clothes, so they're no longer returnable. Woe is me! I'll have to go to Children's Orchard, I guess, to get some less expensive size 4's.

But, thanks again to my mom (to whom I told this tale of woe), she went out and bought Sweetie a couple size 4 shorts. However, one of them is very similar to a pair she already has (a pair that fits her appropriately, no less). So, since those tags are still in place, I'll just exchange them. Plus I noticed that I didn't take the tags off her swimsuit. So that will be exchanged as well - for more shorts or capris, since I found a swim suit in our possession that will work just fine.

Mom also shone some light on the situation by pointing out that Sweetie is no longer wearing bulky diapers. So those size 4 pants that were too tight around before may be just fine now. Plus, the size 5's will definitely be even bigger on her than I thought. Mystery solved. Too bad I just gave back all the clothes to Sweetie's sometimes babysitter for her new baby to use someday. Oh well.

Other growth signs: Sweetie is a whiz at the computer! She can play lots of games at and all by herself. She moves the mouse around, clicks and drags, and knows what words and icons to click on to get the results she wants. This is great because I don't have to sit with her for hours playing inane kiddie games now. But it's also not so good because she's now wanting lots of computer time on her own. Time that I or my hubby could be using to get some of our computer-related obligations completed.

Lastly, Sweetie has taken to calling me and my hubby "Mom" and "Dad" rather than "Mommy" and "Daddy". It's not a big thing, I guess. But it does rattle me just a bit. It sounds so grown up. Especially when she uses these names in conjunction with a rather mature expression.

Upon my doing something Sweetie's not very happy about (like pulling at her hair when I attempt to comb it):


Oh, I'm sorry, Sweetie.

That's okay, Mom.

I know. I'm being silly. But hearing such an understanding, calm, sensitive thought coming out of my baby - um, I mean my little girl - both really impresses me and really wants me to stop time forever.

So, just let me know if any of you have a time stopping machine I can borrow, okay? Thanks.

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