Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Meet & Greet Time!

I've been thinking lately how cool it would be to actually meet other bloggers.

I know - crazy, huh? People who seem so cool and with it and smart and witty in their blogs - maybe in real life they're a bit dull.

But then again, no. I doubt it. I mean, I link to some pretty awesome bloggers, I think. And I know there must be a good number of awesome bloggers who live right here in NH. I'd sure love to meet them, but how?

Well, you know what they (really never) say: simply ponder inwardly and you shall receive.

Enter: The NH Blog Con

Click the link to learn more. Go on! Click it.... but please come back, okay?.... thanks, I'll wait now....

...See?! I am so excited! I can't wait to schmooze with these bloggers, mixing and mingling with other like-minded folk.

Or maybe they're not. I mean, how many other mom bloggers are really going to be a part of this party, let alone disabled mom bloggers? I could very well find myself in the middle of a largely politically-minded, nature-loving, techno/gadget-giddy group.

But, hey, that's cool too. Whatever. We're sure to be an interesting, fun-loving bunch and there's bound to be at least one person there I click with (cuz, you know, my Hubby will be there).

Come what may, I can't wait!

Then I started thinking - wouldn't it be fun to have my very own little "Meet & Greet"? Right here, right now. Seriously!

Come on, now. I challenge all of you - and I do mean every last person - post a comment here telling me a little bit about yourself. I mean, it's only fair, right? I'm here pouring my heart out, sharing my fears and dreams with you multiple times a week. You know a lot about me. Now it's your turn! Tell me about you.

1) Where are you from?

2) How did you find me?

3) Is this your first time here or are you a "regular"?

4) How do you "relate" to me? Are you a mom/parent? Are you disabled? Do you like my writing style? Do you just think I'm cute and friendly? Or am I actually starting to annoy you? Go on, tell me - I can take it.

5) Do you plan on coming back to hang with me some more?

6) Wanna be friends?

7) Is it raining where you are. Cuz, like, it's raining here. ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. It's June 14th, for cryin' out loud, and the weather continues to be damp, dreary and brisk. We don't have seasons anymore. Apparently, we just have weather. And it stinks. Uggghhh!

Ahem... Alright, then. I think that's all my questions for now. Feel free to elaborate. But, if you only have time for a quick, Hey, there!, that will be fine too.

Now get crackin'! I expect to see an absolute ton of comments on this one. Or else! (or else what? I don't know. Just considered yourself appropriately warned, m'kay?)


I do have to thank Amalah over at Mom's Daily Dose for the inspiration for this questionaire-style post. She's probably the coolest of all cool bloggers. So, I figured, I'd follow suit. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

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