Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lessons Recently Learned

- NEVER go to a kids' movie on the opening weekend. Especially a rainy weekend.

- DON"T take a 3 year old to a 2 hour movie. 1 1/2 hours is good. Nothing more.

- Little girls who just learned to use the potty want to visit all potties everywhere - repeatedly. Three, count 'em - 3 - trips to the public restrooms at the theater. Twice to the ladies room, once with Daddy to the mens room (although that trip was pretty much only to fulfill Sweetie's ulterior motive of getting popcorn while they were out).

- I should not be the one to venture out alone with Sweetie in public, if at all possible.

Evidence A: A visit to Kohl's Department Store's ladies room, resulting in Sweetie getting away from me after we left said restroom and my calling loudly and frantically as I searched for her in the racks until Daddy showed up and found us.

Evidence B: Yesterday at the theater's restroom when, upon re-entering the movie, Sweetie decided that it would be much more fun to crawl back to her seat. I couldn't yell at her and my very angry words and threats to her meant nothing. All I could do was let her crawl and follow behind. Then quickly and thoroughly wipe down her hands with the baby wipes I had in my purse once we got to our seats.

I'm learning everyday here, people. Every single day.

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