Monday, June 05, 2006

Mama Monday #16

Theme: Yo-Yo

What an emotional experience it is to be a mom! Likewise, the yo-yo emotions of a toddler are enough to make almost anyone go mental. And, of course, everything intertwines and she and I play off of each other in our up and down, round and round, tangled sort of dance.

One minute Sweetie is cranky, whiney, and just plain ornery. Not listening to me or her Daddy, stomping around, and breaking out in wails and sobs for no apparent reason whatsoever. This, in turn, puts me in a foul mood. Annoyed with her behavior, frustrated by her whines, and fed up with just about everything. I give up!

Then something changes. Who knows what's happened to turn her around, but here comes Sweetie, all cuddly and loving. Using her manners, being her silly, dancy self, doling out kisses and hugs for everyone. Instantly, she's set me right as well. All is right with the world and I'm loving my life again. Loving this motherhood gig 110%.

The Yo-Yo's of Motherhood

Crying because your tiny baby is crying and there's nothing you can do about it and no one around to help you; at the same time crying because you realize you're finishing up maternity leave in a couple days and you won't be the only one constantly comforting and protecting your little one anymore.

Hating going back to work, missing your little girl all throughout your day; at the same time hating that your precious little bundle won't take a decent nap during the weekend so you can get things done on your own and/or have some quiet time for yourself.

Flipping out in a holy rolling out-of-your-mind crazy nutso freak-out session because your in-laws just walked in the door but all you've wanted all day is to spend a quiet evening with your Hubby and 5- month old daughter.

Frustrated that diaper changes are such a fight and wishing the whole potty training thing would just magically take care of itself and, boy oh boy, can't she just understand that it's much nicer to go in the potty than have messy, wet accidents; at the same time realizing, hey, potty training actually did go pretty smoothly, with tears coming to your eyes when she beams at you as she pees in the pot. She's so proud of herself and you're so proud of her too. She's growing up, becoming more aware of her body, having more control of what she can do, and (gulp) gaining more independence from you.

Can't she just stay little forever?!

But, gee, I sure can't wait to meet the wonderful, intelligent, full-of-life young woman she's destined to become.

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