Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm A Little Bit Cranky, I'm A Little Bit Out Of Sorts

tired, achy, sore abdomen, cold sore.

Those are the keywords I Googled last night to find out what's wrong with me. I should have also added "cranky".

Oh, and sometimes somewhat "dizzy". A couple weeks ago I had trouble falling asleep. I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, but I kept feeling dizzy every few minutes. And I've felt a little dizzy occasionally (albeit rarely) ever since. Weird.

And some numbness in my limbs. A little bit.

Anyway, Mono came up.

But I don't think that's what I have. The description said people between 10 - 25 years old tend to get this, and I'm more than a few years past that. Plus I haven't been kissing too many people who would potentially be exposed to Mono (refer back to the cold sore).

But I did have Mono before. When I first started going out with my now husband. Before him, I had led a pretty sedentary life. But once we started dating, we were continually going out, taking trips, playing mini golf and going on other fun adventure-type excursions. So I got sick. In the hospital sick. My GP wanted to be extra careful with me, given my spina bifida that he wasn't too up on, so he put me in the hospital to test for meningitis. Thankfully, that wasn't it. I just needed to rest. So I did.

And Hubby-to-be stuck around.

Then, around this same time (I can't remember if it was before or after my Mono), my mom had a seisure. Her first seisure ever (and her only one - knock on wood). Hubby-to-be was over at our house when this happened too.

And, still, he stuck around.

Then, years later, right before our wedding, I had a seisure.

Obviously, he still stuck around.

But that's all a separate story (or two or three). Let's get back to the yuckiness of today.

Anyway, I feel crappy. Nothing specific to point to, really. Just crappy. Maybe it's the heat that's finally hit our area. Maybe it's the pollen. Maybe it's, again, the ergodynamically incorrect manner in which I do my writing. Maybe it's a little of all this and more. I don't know, but I don't like it.

Remember when my neurologist gave me a perscription for steroids and told me to go see a headache specialist? Yeah, well... my headaches pretty much went away right after that appointment. So I never filled the perscription. But I did make the specialist appointment.

But then I continued to be headache-free for a good, long stretch. I planned to cancel my appointment with the specialist. But before I could, that office called me to reschedule the appointment for some reason or another. I told the receptionist that I'd been feeling better anyway and didn't need to come in at all. She said, Oh, bless you! So I guess she wasn't too concerned about trying to stuff me into the already overcrowded schedule. Fine.

Within that following week, though - yup - the headaches started to return. But really it's a sore neck and shoulders thing. My arms are probably tingly because something has kinked in my neck and isn't letting the right amount of blood or whatever down to my extremities. I've mentioned it to my chiropractor once, I think. I should tell her again. Maybe I'll also finally fill that steroids perscription. My follow up appointment with my neurologist is coming up soon. He'll probably be upset if I'm still feeling bad but didn't try to do anything about it.

Oh, and Sweetie! The poor thing couldn't step one foot out of line this week without me getting all uppity about it. It seems like every evening this week she's done very little to make me very mad, frustrated and stressed. I thought it all stemmed from the Monday playdate debacle. But it's gone on too long now and I have the other symptoms of yuckitude. And this morning she's been particularly whiney and cry-ey herself. Instead of yelling at her, though, I'm feeling for her. Maybe she's got the dreaded cranky bug too.

So - what's wrong with me? Any ideas? Should I go to the doctor? And don't tell me I'm pregnant, because I'm not. That, I can absolutely guarantee you.

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