Friday, June 23, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #13 - Daddy Edition!

Netflix movie of the day: Bewitched.

Hi Ho. Hubby Here...

(thus endeth the Kermitesque illiteration)

Amy's letting me pop in from time to time if I ever have a story to share...

Sweetie and I have hit on a new routine that seems to have ended her "Out of Bed in 60 Seconds" routine.

Nearly two weeks back I told Sweetie as I was tucking her in that if she stayed in bed I'd read her a story. We kind of fell out of this practice (right before bed, that is) when she was still sleeping in -and escaping from- her crib.

Of course she promised she'd stay, just as she'd always promised before. Yeah, right.

I scanned the shelf and immediately picked a classic. Dr. Suess, Bien Sur! I picked up Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? partly because I new it would be quick, partly because I new it would be fun, and partly because I viewed it as a sequel to when I read to her, and eventually memorized, the ABC Book. But I really chose this book because I knew my parents used to read it to me, and I LOVED IT. - At least, my mom told me I did. I can't say I remember, so I'll have to take that as gospel. So this choice was really a nod to my own childhood.

To my delight Sweetie okayed the choice, and she LOVED IT. She watched and listened intently, didn't protest when it was over, or ask me to read it again. I then calmly reminded her that if she stayed in bed I'd read to her again tomorrow. Which book would it be, I wondered to myself. Certainly she'll learn to ask for a nice loooooong one, right?

Lo and behold, she actually stayed in bed that night! Her story of choice for the next night? She wanted me to re-read "Mr. Brown Can Moo Book". Well, okay!

After nearly 2 weeks, she has gotten out of bed only once and, as promised, I didn't read to her the next night. However,she did stay in bed that Suess-less night, earning her storytime rights once more. Hmmm. Lesson learned - so far, at least.

Now, after quite a few nights of quiet, intent listening to this same beloved book, Sweetie smiling all the while, she's pointing to certain words and reading them to me.

I told her that Grammy used to read this to me when I was a little boy. "Yes, when you were a little boy, in my bed, and Grammy was the Mommy." She even knows which page is my favorite (I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers). Sweetie's is the "fish kissing page."

Dibble dibble dibble dopp.

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