Monday, May 29, 2006

Mama Monday #15

Theme: Warm

That water's too hot, Mommy. You need to make it warmer.

Oh, I'll get Teddy from the drying machine, Mommy. Oooohhh, he's very hot. He needs to be nice and warm.

Warm clothes from the dryer, warm tubbies, warm blankets, nice, warm soup - all things I love about the cooler months of the year.

But now it's spring, almost the summer.

Warm weather = cold ice cream time, popsicles, barbeques, and playing outside on slides, swings and balance beams.

Warm weather = potty training time! - Third day and going pretty well! Plus, there's the promise of a brand new swimming pool once training is done.

I enjoy the cooler months more - I admit. But Sweetie loves the warmer months - the heat of the sun, the endless outdoor possibilities and the pretty little sandals she can wear on her tiny toes - feeling the green grass tickle her feet as she runs across the yard.

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