Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #9

Netflix movie of the day: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Two quick things today:

Sweetie found a cookie mix in the back hall closet at Nana's house this week. She brought it to the kitchen and asked,

Can we make these cookies, Nana?

Not today, Sweetie. We'll make them tomorrow.

At that, Sweetie informed my mom just why the cookies had to be made - now:

Your mommy, Mimi, said to make these cookies!

Wow. My grandmother, whom we called Mimi, passed away, oh, about 11 or 12 years ago. And we very rarely mention her, especially by name. So, guess what? Nana made the cookies right away.

Sweetie has had other sightings of Mimi and my grandfather, Chuckpa. Click here to read about 'em.


Nana picked Sweetie up from "school" on Thursday. The report to me was that Sweetie was a little upset upon leaving, because some boys in her class were callling her names.

Goodbye Bubble Head.

Goodbye Stinky.


Sweetie has her moments of not wanting to be teased. And she almost always insists that people use her real name when addressing her. So she was clearly upset by the boys' name-calling.

Nana had to comfort Sweetie and tell her they were just teasing.

Boys only tease because they like you.

They do?

Yep! They sure do!

Well, okay.

That's it. It's home-schooling all the way! No one's ever going to upset my Sweetie again!

I mean, I can control that, right?

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