Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Super Amazing, Magically Self-Loading Dishwasher!

Guess what I just did? Now, I don't mean to brag or anything. But - I just ran my dishwasher!

I know. You're jealous. I'm sorry....

Oh. I'm sorry. What's that you say? You don't think this is such a big deal? You do it all the time? Well, okay, I guess.

But I bet you're dishwasher isn't a Super Amazing, Magically Self-Loading Dishwasher much like my own!

That's right, magic, I say! I just go along, minding my own business, living my life. Then 'lo and behold, a couple times a week I happen through the kitchen, pass the dishwasher - and see that it's all loaded up ready to get detergent-ized and run! Like I said - AMAZING!

How does one acquire one of these handy-dandy Super Amazing Magically Self-Loading miracles of the modern world? Well, I'll tell ya (even though I may have to kill ya afterwards. Hmmm. Such are the risks I'm willing to take to help YOU and spread the word about this wonderful appliance).

So, what you have to do is visit There you'll see a veritable cornucopia of household organizational and life decluttering tactics. And there, at the top of the Beginner Baby Steps list you'll read about this awesome key to better living through cleanliness....

Go Shine Your Sink!

Basically, FlyLady advocates not leaving a sink full of dirty dishes behind when you go off to bed every night. She encourages you to put all dishes right into the dishwasher as you finish using them. Then, taking it a step further, finish each evening with a quick scrub of the sink itself. And I really do mean a "quick scrub". After all, if you're doing it every day, how grungy can the stainless steel get? Not too bad, I tell ya. Not bad at all.

I've been under Miss FlyLady's wing for about two months now. The first month or so was great! Even my husband was on board. No dishes in the sink for us, boy! Everything went straight from the table (or, more likely, our laps from the couch) into the dishwasher. And I shined my sink so nice and pretty! What a happy homemake I was (so what if my skills didn't carry out into other rooms of the house. That sink was spotless!)

Now, in the second month of FlyLady Livin', Hubby has started to fall off the bandwagon a bit. I'm having to remind him more and more...

Just release that little black latch on the big, black, under-the-counter "thing" we store in our kitchen and feed it with silverware, plates and cups. It's a hungry, hungry "beast" that needs to constantly be fed a regular diet. Please, oh please help me feed it, lest it get angry and start to revolt!

But now, wait a minute. Time to confess. I guess I've slipped a little from the driver's seat of the bandwagon myself. While I do still keep up with the dishes-straight-to-dishwasher thing, I've not actively shined my sink in some time now. I think I did it last weekend - in time for the Sunday brunch we hosted. But before that? Yeah... I don't remember.

But at least it's empty! And in my book, that's pretty awesome!

So, the bonus found here is just like I said - simply continue to fill the dishwasher as you go and - POOF! - one day it's all of a sudden ready to run! Just add the detergent, push the button and your done! Easy beans!

Then there's the unloading. Okay, so that's a bit of work I guess. But I personally don't mind this chore. Nice, warm, clean plates and silverware to slip back into their proper "homes"? Yeah, that's easy. Not really a big, difficult job at all.

Now, aren't y'all just itchin' to get on the FlyLady bandwagon with me? Yeah, I thought so. It will be cool. We can even come up with our own private handshake, a club oath, and theme song. And, hey! - maybe my graphic artist husband can whip up a sparkly, shiny-as-a-kitchen-sink logo for us! Maybe that will help foster a sense of community in him and he'll get back into the swing of things with me. Cool!

Are ya in? Yay! Now get dressed to lace up shoes and meet me in the kitchen tonight at 8pm sharp.

See ya then!

(Oh, and don't worry. I won't kill you. Won't even hurt 'cha. I'm rather in a good mood today. You're safe.)

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