Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #8 - Birthday Edition

Netflix movie of the day: Pride and Prejudice, again. See, the last disc we had was defective, so I sent it back. Now I have a working copy (I hope) and I'll be watching it soon.

The other night I was trying to settle Sweetie down before we took her to bed. But Hubby was riling her up. Finally she and I sat to look at her I Spy book. Sweetie is very orderly about the way we look at this book. We take turns, and we have to say, I spy with my little eye, every single time.

She and I were doing just fine, but Daddy kept butting in - saying silly things, and generally making Sweetie aggitated. I finally told Hubby - firmly but quietly - Don't make her flip out.

Next thing we knew, Sweetie turned to Daddy too and told him very sternly

Don't make me flip out!

This was extremely funny to Hubby and I. But I found out a couple days later that Hubby was particularly amused because he never heard me say my piece in the first place - he thought Sweetie came up with that gem on her own!


Sweetie wanted to wash her hands in the bathroom sink at Nana's house the other day. Nana said, Okay, but while you wash your hands, I'm going to comb your hair. That's the deal.

This prompted Sweetie to pipe right in with her thoughts.

No deal!

Obviously, we watch just a bit too much T.V.


Yesterday was probably (no - it was definitely) one of the worst days at work anyone could possibly imagine. I'd really rather not get into it - just suffice it to say - it was downright horrendously, terrifically, awfully, 110% miserable. So much so that I broke down into tears almost as soon as we got in the car to finally go home.

Cut to 20 minutes later when we arrived at my parents' house to celebrate my birthday with my favorite meal - chicken divan. And for dessert - a brownie cake! Hubby and I walk into their kitchen to the sight of my mom and Sweetie putting the last of the candles in my brownies.

Look, Mommy! This is for you! Happy birthday, Mommy! Nana and I made you this brownie cake for your birthday and I put all these pretty candles in it! See, there's a stripey one and polka dot ones and a white one! I made it for you! Happy birthday, Mommy!

Leave it to my Sweetie to turn a crappy, awful, tears-inducing day into a exciting, happy, tears-of-joy-and-laughter inducing evening.

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