Sunday, May 14, 2006

By Golly, I Think She's Got It!

For the past week and a half, Sweetie has been going to bed perfectly. Not getting out of bed even her one typical time. She just gets in bed and stays. Yay!

The change in her behavior seemed to coincide with a particularly bad bedtime experience. Sometime during our vacation, Sweetie was put to bed one night no less than 5 or 6 times before she finally snuck out to the poposan chair in the next room over from hers. Hubby had to put the soundly sleeping Sweetie back to bed later that night when we went to bed ourselves.

The next night before Hubby took Sweetie up to bed, she and I exchanged our usual "hug, kiss and a nose". Then I looked her in the eye and asked her what time she was supposed to get out of bed. When she answered. 6 or 7, I continued by asking her if she promised me she'd stay in bed all night until then.

I promise., she answered.

Yah, right, I thought to myself. I've had this conversation before with her to no avail. But there's always a chance, I guess.

Well, Hubby and I couldn't believe it, but she actually did stay in bed, right from the start. Cool! But we figured it must be a fluke, right? Highly doubtful that the next night would produce similar results.

But you know what? She did it again! I went through the same motions of asking Sweetie the same pre-bedtime questions, waiting for the desired answer. And she again stayed in bed just perfectly. Wow!

Each night since has been great! I think out of almost 2 weeks of this, Sweetie has only done her one-time-out-of-bed thing 1 time. On a couple occasions, last night being one of them, she's more or less sleep-walked herself to the poposan after spending a couple hours in her bed. I figure I must have disturbed her when I was getting ready for bed myself and she woke enough to auto-pilot herself to the chair. But that's okay - she's zonked enough for Hubby to put her back in her bed with no problem at all.

Good job, Sweetie. I don't know what finally clicked in your head to finally make you understand about keeping promises and doing as Daddy and I ask. But whatever happened, we're so proud of you. Not only are you going to sleep better, but you're eating better, sharing and socializing better, and maybe, just maybe, starting to get interested in using the potty.

Yay, Sweetie. Love you!

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