Monday, May 08, 2006

Mama Monday #12

Theme: Juicy

Sweetie loves her fruit! Ripe, red, juicy strawberries. Fresh cantaloupe or honeydew. Red and green grapes, apple slices with cinnamon, bite sized tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are a fruit too). And, as my regular readers may recall - avocados! Sweetie loves avocados.

My husband and I are semi-vegetarian. That is, we've run the gamut from meat eaters, to vegetarians, vegans, following the macrobiotic diet - on back to semi-vegetarians. We eat chicken, fish and eggs. And even the very occasional meat product - I personally can't resist a steak and cheese sub or fast food burger every once in awhile, even though my belly would advise me against it.

We're raising Sweetie on this diet as well, although we are restricting the red meats from her. The reddest meat she's ever eaten was ham, which she loved for awhile but now won't touch. That's fine with us.

We recently went to one of Sweetie's little friend's birthday party. Lunch was served - hamburgers and hot dogs! All the kids were so excited - except Sweetie. She'd have nothing to do with those choices (hubby and I resigned ourselves to letting her indulge in some hot dog if she wanted. But she didn't.)

Instead, she wanted fruit. Only strawberries, grapes, tomatoes and cantaloupe for her. So we piled her plate high and she happily dug in to her delicious treats.

And again, last night at the ice cream stand. Hubby and I gave in to our own cravings for hot dogs (See. I told you we weren't very strict about the vegetarian thing). I offered Sweetie a bite of my dog. She almost did it, but then said no. She only wanted my hot dog bun. Oh, and the potato chips.

I am thrilled Sweetie loves her fruits and veggies so much. We eat pasta primavera for dinner and she only wants the carrots and broccoli. We have a full brunch of sweet danish, yummy french toast and crispy bacon. And all she wants is the fruit salad.

Good for you, Sweetie. Keep it up! Keep lovin' all the good things in life - including sweet, drippy, juicy fruits.

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