Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here we are, half-way through our wonderful vacation week. So far...

We've visited a farm/petting zoo. Sweetie really loved it - she got to feed llamas, sheep and goats out of her hand. She saw piggies, miniture and regular-sized horses, a cow, and many, many other animals. However, Hubby and I made the mistake of telling her we were going to the "zoo". So, ultimately, she cried much of the way home saying, But, I thought we were going to the zooooooo. Wah, wah, wah.

My trio of awesome shoes all arrived.... and I'm sending two of the pairs back from whence the came. :( Turns out their waffly/wavy/weird soles and lack of support where I need it most makes for much badness for my walking habits. Plus, they simply weren't as adorable in real life as they were on the web. You're really pronating in those, the Hubby says. And you know when the big words come out, he means business. So back they go. Oh well, the one pair is good. And I found some cute, appropriate sandals and work shoes at, you guessed it, Payless when we went shopping yesterday. Both of these pairs of shoes cost together much less than just one pair of the shoes-going-back. Good deal after all.

Yesterday we visited our friends in Keene. Overall a good trip. But Sweetie was mildly upset that she couldn't take our friends' funny face game home with her. And she whined about it for a bit of the trip home. Wah, wah.

Today we went to the Children's Museum and Sweetie had a fantabulous time. Although at first she seemed to consider the whole building (a large, old home in downtown Portsmouth, NH) an obstacle course for her own amusement. That is, she had no interest in doing any of the activities or playing any of the games. She just wanted to look around every corner and climb every staircase to see where it led.

She was, however, fascinated by the huge, 3-story submarine replica. Climbing, jumping, hiding, searching every last corner of it - again, and again, and again. And, much to the dismay of my Hubby, children under 5- years old have to be accompanied throughout this structure because of the potentially dangerous ladders, slide and jumps. Hubby - all 6 feet tall of him - bumped his head on the inner workings of the submarine no less than three times. And, try as he might, he could not stop Sweetie from her desire to jump down the hole from the second story to the first. (Okay, okay. So he was able to stop her from this. But Sweetie was not very understanding of the impending danger ahead if she had jumped down the hole. Oh, and it really wasn't just a hole in the floor. There was a ladder there to climb up and down. We just didn't trust Sweetie's coordination and patience to successfully manage this challenge on her own. So we said no).

If I was more agile on my feet, I would have gladly helped out with Sweetie in the submarine. But, of course, I am not. So, even though I am the parent who fit better in the structure, I was not the parent who was better able to chase after our eager 3-year old.

When we finally left and headed for home, (much earlier than expected. I thought we'd end up making a day of it in ol' Portsmouth, ending with a nice dinner out - albeit with Sweetie in tow. Alas, that was not to be. We were home by 3:45 pm) Sweetie whined and cried half way home, asking to go back to the museum. Wah, wah, double WAH.

P.S. At dinner tonight - spaghetti at home - we asked Sweetie what she liked best at the museum. We asked if she liked the boat best. Yeah, I liked the Boat Room best. But, I think I liked the Princess Room best, not the Boat Room. Yeah, that makes sense. The room that she spent, oh, maybe one whole minute in and didn't want to do any of the activities in. She liked that better than the activity she played at more than 1/2 of the entire time we were there. Whatever.

Tomorrow - we send Sweetie away to Nana's house for the day. Hubby is going to either A) help his dad out with a Fix-It job, or B) work on his own projects in our basement. And I've got a few fast approaching writing deadlines that I need to work on. And the subject of my writing? Well - of course, Sweetie. But specific topics? Yeah, I got nothin'. My mind, patience, attitude, and body are totally depleted. I'm sure I'll come up with something. I always do. But as for now - zip, zilch, nada.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully the Writing Gods will smile down on me over night and I'll wake up refreshed, full of many humorous, inspirational and meaningful topics to write about and share with the rest of the world.

Let's hope so, anyway. Otherwise I might cry.


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