Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #7

Netflix movie of the day: I finally got my Pride and Prejudice! Yay! Now, if only I can find the time to watch it.

Sweetie is all about reasoning these days, whether or not she realizes it. She's still got some issues to work out, but I applaud her effort.

The last couple times I've given her a bath, she's stepped in and said:

Mommy, this is too hot! I need it warmer.

She wants the water warm, not hot. Makes sense to me!


My dad's birthday is today and mine is in a week. The other night while at my parents' house I asked Sweetie how old she thought Papa Dave was going to be.

Um, I think Papa Dave is going to be..... 11 years old!

Oh, you do? Well, what about me? How old am I going to be on my birthday?

You're going to be 6 years old, Mommy!

At this, she got excited about listing everyone's ages. She continued:

I am 3 years old, and Daddy is,.... I think 7 years old!

Next came Nana. She asked:

How old do you think I am, Sweetie?

Um, you're 6 years old, Nana!

Good answer, Sweetie, mom said. You may continue coming over everyday.

My Hubby pointed out to Sweetie, Well, while your reasoning is flawless, and your politics are perfect, you've still go a lot to learn about ages.


Sweetie thinks object can only be in one of two positions: either upside down or upside ways.

Ohhhhh, Mommy! That cup fell upside down! You need to put it upside ways!

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