Wednesday, September 06, 2006

As God As My Witness - We May Very Well Go Hungry

Hubby's new work schedule is putting all of our schedules just a bit out of whack.

We always have a chiropractic appointment on Wednesdays after work - me, every week. Hubby, every other. Now - who knows when Hubby will be able to go (despite taking on a more physical job that will probably require him to visit the chiropractor more often). His availability will depend on when and where he's working with his dad.

We always go grocery shopping together after work on Thursdays before we pick Sweetie up at my parents. Now - well, it looks like we may end up starving. I can't easily go grocery shopping on my own. It's physically difficult for me to maneuver the cart through the aisles and then get the heavy bags into the house. Also, Hubby is really the chef in our home - he loves to cook and he knows what we should pick up each week to keep us fed well. Plus - he's pretty picky about getting the exact items he's looking for. So I wouldn't dream of trying to grocery shop for the family on my own - I mean, who knows what I'm likely to bring into this house if left to my own devices, you know?

But, that being said - I don't know when Hubby is going to find the time to grocery shop for us. It certainly doesn't look like it's going to be a set weekly appointment anymore. The only thing "set" about Hubby's work schedule is the three evenings a week he's working at the newspaper. But who wants to go grocery shopping at 11:30 pm (although it is possible - at least one of our local grocery stores is open 24/7)?

And just today I rescheduled again - for the third time - our two cats' vet appointments. Yes, they're annoying as all get out. And, yes, we'd just as soon give them up for adoption at this point (seriously - we're never home enough for them. It's not fair to them to live like this. They need a good home. Any takers? 4- year old female, indoor cats - both spade). But the poor things do deserve to have their annual check-ups. It's just increasingly difficult to fit things like this in these days. Ugh!

Then, included in all of this.... I now find myself on Sweetie bedtime duty three nights a week. Yuck!

I'm too used to the way things have always been - she gives me a hug and a kiss and a nose, I ask her a couple questions about when she'll get up in the morning and if she promises to stay in bed all night, and then Daddy takes her up, tucks her in and reads her a story. Sounds good to me! But, noooooo. Now I'm doing it all. And can I just tell you that I am not a good putter to bedder? Make sure she has Teddy - go back downstairs and hunt down Teddy if he's not in bed already - make sure she's all set with the potty - and, worst of all, read a bedtime story. I just can't deal.

I'm too tired at the end of my day to get all sweet and lovey-dovey and animated about bedtime stories (just tonight, Sweetie was looking me square in the eye, telling me about the red wrinkes I have in my eyes. Great.) I've listened to my Hubby through the baby monitor as he excitedly reads to Sweetie, using silly voices and lots of energy. Me? I skim the pages for ways to shortcut/modify the story while trying not to yawn my way through every other word.

And Lord help us both if Sweetie gives me any troubles. Fussy Sweetie makes for fussy Mommy, especially at bedtime - a Mommy who especially doesn't want to read to and be all lovey to a little button-pushing girl.

So far, though - it's okay. Tonight actually went pretty well (aside from the whole hunting-for-Teddy thing). All my fussing and moaning is, for now, just that. We'll get by.

We'll manage. Or starve. Whichever - we'll make it work.*

* Shameless Project Runway plug. It's on now - gotta go! :)

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