Monday, September 04, 2006

Mama Monday #29

Theme: Space

A couple weekends ago, my father-in-law came over to help my Hubby finally install our two new bedroom windows (windows that he meant to put in during our July vacation). Since the room was in disrepair because of the windows, Hubby asked me if I'd like to take this opportunity to paint our room. Sure!

You see, he and I were kind of gypped out of a bedroom redesign last year. Sweetie's current room used to be ours. Last summer, during our vacation, Hubby and I had the grand idea to stripped the room down to the studs, paint the new walls red on top and - underneath a chair rail photo ledge along each wall - faux leather. And, to top it all off (literally), a beadboard ceiling. It was going to be awesome.

But things changed and the pressure to get it all done so quickly started to get to us. Plus, in the mean time we had moved to the true master bedroom in the house and we were starting to like it there. So we made a switch.

Our old room became Sweetie's big girl room. Peachy walls, white trim, a second closet, and that beadboard ceiling with recessed lighting. A beautiful room for our beautiful girl.

But we got nothing more than a new, old room. How blah. Oh well.

So when Hubby suggested an inexpensive paint job to spruce things up, I jumped at the offer. The only obstacle would be getting us to agree on a color. With Hubby's art education and graphic design sensibilities, he has very strong opinions on what he likes. As do I. This was going to be tough.

Surprisingly, though, it really wasn't. We took a trip to the store to start looking at paint chips and pretty immediately started looking in the same color family. Albeit, perhaps, a pretty unconventional color family: browns.

Ultimately we excitedly agreed upon a deep, rich color: chocolate pudding.

Since we had the primer mixed to match, we knew immediately what we got ourselves into. Actually, that first coat of primer didn't go on so well. But the second coat and then the two coats of paint all did much better. And we are extremely please with the results.

The color really does look like chocolate pudding. Makes you want to lick the walls, it looks so warm, rich, inviting and yummy.

The room's not done yet. Hubby just painted the baseboards Sugarcane white, and then he's got to finish the inside trim on the windows - also to be Sugarcane. Then, with the repositioning of the bed, maybe a snazzy bamboo rug from Hubby's cleaned out office, a small seating area, some shelving made from leftover lumber we already have from other projects, and finally getting some of our framed artwork up on the walls, our new space will finally become the cozy sanctuary we've been dreaming of.

From new windows, to a spur of the moment painting idea, to recycled and repurposed additons to the room - we're going to absolutely love our new space.

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