Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #24 - Dance In Smarty Pants Edition

Two weeks ago I kept Sweetie home from school because of a stomach bug. So when we went back this week, things seemed totally changed (I hadn't realized that we were now entering the "official" start of the school year for her).

Long story short - it turns out the center's director and Sweetie's teachers feel Sweetie is advanced enough now to enter the 4- year old pre-kindergarten class (instead of waiting until her December birthday). Great!

That evening, as I'm driving home with Sweetie, I had her practice what she'd tell Daddy - I'm 3-years old, but I'm smart enough to be with the 4-year olds! She said it just right.

Then we got home and this is what she told her Daddy,

Daddy, I'm 3-years old but I'm smarter than the other kids and I can go in the 4-year old class now!

And again, when I had her tell the secretary at our chiropractic office,

I'm 3-years old, but I'm smarter than they are!

Looks like we've got a little head case on our hands, huh?


Last weekend I bought Sweetie a new book, Finding Fairyland. It's a wonderful hidden picture book and she really loves it. But, after just one time looking through the pages, she already knows where all the hidden pictures are.

So when we took it over to my parents' house and Nana started asking Sweetie to find all the images, she practically had her finger pointing in the right place before my mom could get the words out.

After a few rounds of this, Sweetie found the latest requested picture and then declared,

I'm too smart!

Yes you are, Sweetie. Yes you are.


Sweetie loves to play games on the computer and is pretty good with the mouse. She needs very little help to play the games she loves.

This past week my mom was playing games with Sweetie and then set her up to play on her own while mom talked to my brother (hi, Rob) on the phone. But in just a few minutes, Sweetie was running out to Nana, with a piece of paper in her hand.

Nana, can we make this please! I printed it.

Wow! She had in fact found the right buttons to push to print instructions for making a toilet paper roll micophone from one of her favorite sites.

After said microphone was assembled, Sweetie knew it needed one final touch.

Now it needs a string out the bottom, Nana.

Right you are, Sweetie. Too, too smart.


Other randomness from the week:

Sweetie asked me the other day, while we were driving home, to, Do Periwinkle, Mommy.

What? What's that?

It's when you put your hands on your head and stick out your tongue.

It is? Who taught you that?


At that, I turned around to look at her. Sure enough, she had her tongue sticking out and her fingers up and wiggle at the side of her head.

Oh! Bullwinkle! You're doing Bullwinkle, not Periwinkle.

Yeah, Bullwinkle. Do Bullwinkle, Mommy.


Mom and Sweetie went for a walk the other day and encounter some "natural" items along the way. Nana had to tell Sweetie to not step in the dog poop.

Apparently, Sweetie was all sorts of fascinated by the pile of poo. My mom had to explain to her that doggies don't use the potty like people do.

Yeah. Sweetie said. That puppy had a little accident.

And on that lovely note - have a great day!

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