Sunday, September 10, 2006


Here we go again. It seems like a common theme - in my blog, and in my life. So many things to do, but no motivation to do any of them.

Writing deadlines to meet, a house to clean, a checkbook to balance, forms to fill out, an upcoming vacation to prepare for (cuz if I don't start thinking about it now, the next thing I know I'll have only 24 hours to get everyone packed and out of the house), medical procedures to meet about, research more, get second opinions on, and schedule treatment for, etc., etc., etc.... It just never ends.

But what do I want to do today? Oh, I don't know. Not much. But not any of all that either.... Ho hum.....

Hubby just whisked Sweetie away for a little while so I could have some writing time. So I guess I'll start on that (oh, look. I have already. Sunday blog post - almost done. Yay for me!).

Maybe it's the time of year - Autumn is fast approaching (it's not even mid-September yet and the leaves are already browning and falling to the ground below) and things seem so blah. Normally I love Autumn - the colors are amazing, the crisp, cool air is refreshing, and the smell of leaves and hot apple pie seem to follow you everywhere. We got married in Autumn - we truly do love it. And living in NH at this time of the year is definitely the place to be. But still.....

So - no, I don't know what I'm getting at here. I feel, all at once, like a restless soul in dire need of a little R&R. My body is tired but my mind is full.

Back to square one, then... When all else fails, and I feel like doing absolutely nothing, and I especially don't feel like writing - I write. And, as what I imagine physical exercise does for most people, I will feel oh so much better after the mentally aerobic workout of putting my thoughts down on (albiet "virtual") "paper".

Yeah, so... after my little nap then... I'll get right on it..... maybe.

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