Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #23

Sweetie decided this week that her horse-on-a-stick riding toy's name is Hard Toe. We thought she was saying Harto and thought that was a pretty interesting name she chose. But then she corrected us.

No. Hard Toe, because his toe (the stick) is hard.

Oh. Okay, whatever you say Sweetie. Good name.


Like I said last time, Sweetie and I were sickly earlier this week (she actually still is, kinda sorta. Just not quite herself yet). So maybe I was lounging around in my big, ratty nightgown the other day. And, yeah, so maybe I haven't been inspired to keep up with my personal care as much as I should. So when Sweetie came to sit next to me in my less than adorable state and happened to brush against my stubbly naked knees, she was caught off guard.

Upon curiously rubbing my knees a bit more:

Mommy, you have hair just like Daddy's!

And then she goes off to not only tell Daddy this little gem of information she just discovered, but to also take her turn rubbing Daddy's hair upon his stubbly chin.

Yes, funny. No, not helping to make me feel any better about myself.


More hair speak:

Sweetie told me the other day,

I love your curly hair, Mommy.

Thank you Sweetie. I love your curly hair too.

Then Daddy wanted in on the lovin' and asked if Sweetie loved his curly hair (remember - the man is practically bald. But right now he's doing the growing-it-out thing, just until he gets a chance to shave it all over again).

You don't have curly hair, Daddy.

I don't? What kind of hair do I have?

You have line hair.

Good observation, Sweetie. Good job. :)


We woke up to Sweetie's cries at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. Frantically, frightenedly calling,

Mommy! Mommy, Daddy!

Turns out she was sick. Or just about to be, anyway. We were so proud of her and so impressed that she realized she was about to be sick and called for us to help before anything actually happened - just a tiny bit on her comforter before we got her to the bathroom.

Then, as Sweetie was just finishing up her first round of vomiting, she declared (in a kinda scared/kinda cry-y/kinda self-reassuring voice):

I'm okay!

Yes, Sweetie. Just hang in there and you'll be feeling fine very soon.

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