Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh No, Not Again - Procrastination

But before we get to the procrastinating - here's a couple Sweetie-isms to make up for my failings yesterday -

Hubby spent Friday day with Sweetie because my parents are currently whoopin' it up in Ohio at some sort of old tractor show. (I'm sure my dad's having a blast. I'm sure my mom is not).

Somewhere around mid morning I emailed home to check on how Hubby and Sweetie were doing. I got this following email back (more or less - I just tried to find the email and I guess I deleted it. Oh well):

Sweetie's fine. We had waffles for breakfast. Now she's a tree. Trees like to close doors with their hands. They also like to walk around, tip to toe, all "bendy bendy".


Friday night, Sweetie was all mine. One of the things I did was give her a bath. As she sat in the suds, she began to sing.

In your head, In your head....

Are you singing Zombie, Sweetie?

Yeah... Zommie, Zommie, Zommie, ee, ee

Did you watch Daddy's tape of the singing show today?

Yeah... we watched Supernova today. We watched Rockstar: Supernova.

Oh, okay then. I thought so.

Later, when I talked to Hubby, I asked if he had ever told Sweetie the name of the show they were watching.

No, I just asked her if she wanted to watch the singing show with me.

Wow. Like I've said before - she's a very good listener - when she wants to be. Before Friday, she'd only seen short glimpses of Rockstar because it was usually on after she went to bed. But the girl knows talent when she sees it and a good song when she hears it! Poor Dilana - I'm excited to see her solo career take off, though.


Now - procrastinating. Cool. I was the queen of procrastinating in high school and college. Convincing myself that I did my best work under pressure (and, to be honest, I did usually do very well with my last minute essays and other assignment completions). But it's still not a very admirable trait.

My propensity to procrastinate is even pretty funny when you consider that I was a tutor for a few years. I was always touting the importance of pacing yourself and working well ahead of time so that you never get overwhelmed with assignments piling up on top of each other.

I sure talked a good game. But putting it all into practice for myself.... not so good.

Now, with my various writing assignments, I'm still a huge procrastinator. For example, I usually have a Club Mom deadline on the 15th of every month. So last weekend I was all like, I really have to get my writing done. I can't be in charge of watching Sweetie - I've got too much to do!

Then I noticed in an email from my editor that, this time, our deadline was Sept. 18th. Cool! I didn't have to rush like I thought I did - freeing up last weekend very nicely indeed.

Now - tomorrow is the 18th. And, while I started to jot down ideas for my Club Mom writings, I'm nowhere near having completed offerings. Making things worse - we spent all day yesterday out and about shopping for our upcoming cruise. And today Hubby has to go off to my parents' house to work on their 3-season porch (my FIL built the porch - Hubby is completing the interior work). So that means Sweetie is left here with me. Exactly NOT the ideal situation for having a good writing day.

I've already explained to Sweetie that Daddy is going off to work today and that I have to work a lot on the computer. So that means Sweetie is going to have to spend lots of time working alone in her activity book, watching videos, or playing her own games. I'm going to be too busy to play. :(

Ahhhh, the story of my life, it seems..... too busy writing about Sweetie to actually spend time playing with her.

Now THAT'S something to muse upon for awhile. Something I've wanted to ruminate on for awhile now, actually. But, alas, not today. Too, too much to do....

So - on with the laundry, getting Sweetie dressed, vaccuuming, dishes..... OH, and the WRITING! Oh, yeah. Almost forgot....

Ugh.... It's going to be a long day.

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