Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stressed Out Of My Mind - Can You Tell?

Ya know, I thought this whole week was going to be pure evil. But Mondays are always pretty good for me (I get to be home with my Sweetie), so that was good. And Tuesday was actually pretty low key. Wednesday was sure to be crazy - but, eh. No, not so much. Pretty cool. Even this morning - busy, yes, but not what I'd really call stressful.

But then this afternoon hit. And now I'm STRESSED!!!

Work stress, primarily. It's a busy week there, combined with new responsibilites I'm just learning this week and the fact that next week is vacation and I have to make sure my back ups are all set with everything - including how to do the new stuff I've started this week. It's all making me practically jump out of my skin with anxiety and stress.

Oh yeah - and the vacation itself. Packing for Hubby and I (Hubby has been very helpful, though), making sure Sweetie'll have everything she needs at Nana and Papa Daves', making sure my parents know certain Sweetie "routines" and such, worrying that I'm surely forgetting something somewhere along the line.... Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Somebody make it all stop, please!!!!!

This is how stressed I am: When I picked Sweetie up today, she wasn't wearing what I put her in this morning, but an outfit I'd previously brought over for her to wear sometime next week. When I asked my mom why the change of clothes, she said, Well I wasn't going to put her back in her old clothes after her bath. (I had mom give Sweetie a bath today so that I'd at least have one less thing to deal with tonight). Fine, but I was all like, But that outfit is for next week. Now she's going to have to wear the same outfit 2 times in 1 week! Like, I was really upset about this! How could my mother not consider these dire consequences, you know?! Now I was going to have to go home and pick out an extra outfit for next week. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, I decided at work this afternoon - after the stress started to hit hard - that I'd come home and have myself a drink (we're out of wine, but still have some Twisted Teas in the fridge). Then Sweetie gave me some real grief on the way home (unbuckling herself from her carseat when I stopped at the gas station, yelling at me not to talk to her, etc....). So I decided I definitely needed that drink. Then we got home and I vacuumed, ran the dishwasher, and generally ran around getting things finalized. No time for a drink. Also, Sweetie became clinging/huggy instead of a pest, so that actually made me take some time to sit on the couch with her and chill. I felt better. No drink necessarily needed.

Now, after putting her to bed, I feel stressed again. But now it's too late to drink (I don't know why. Just my own standards, I guess). So - lucky you - you get to hear me rant and ramble it all out of myself. Yay, fun!

So - who wants to hear a Late Thursday Version of Sweetie Saturday tidbit? You know, to lighten the mood a bit? I do! I do!

Usually Sweetie wakes up in the morning when I get up and start making noise. But not this morning. Even after turning off her fan (for white noise making purposes), going into her room, turning on her light, and repeatedly telling her it's time to get up - she was still totally zonked. Hubby had to get her up instead. She was sleepy but, thankfully, not really grumpy.

Shortly thereafter, after I got her dressed and ready to go, she was in the kitchen dancing and being all silly. I commented,

You sure a study in extremes, Sweetie.

At that, she stopped her silliness, put her hands on her hips, and exclaimed,

I am not!


Okay, so maybe that's not the most endearing thing she's ever done or said - but I thought it was pretty funny at the time.

SO - I guess that's it for me. Maybe I'll write a little something while we're away. We'll see. I'm pretty sure I have at least one Guest Contributor who'll be providing a post next week. Maybe two. So check on in and see if anything's new. Otherwise - I'll see you when we're back.

Take care of yourselves. As for me - after today and what's sure to be an even more stressful day tomorrow - I'll definitely be using this vacation to take care of myself, to find myself, and to just plain "be".

Pampered bliss - here I come!

(Oh! And drinks after bedtime! Woo Hoo! Rock on with my bad self. Cool!)

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