Monday, October 02, 2006

Could I Have Some Cheese With My Whine?

Hey there bloggers! My name is Courtney Wallace, and I am a 27-year-old woman and mommy with Spina Bifida. Let me first start off by saying that I am so excited that Amy has asked me to be a guest blogger for her while she’s on her long awaited cruise. Have a ball for me would you Amy?

Okay, so let me just tell you that being a mommy with Spina Bifida hasn’t been easy for the past 6 1/2-months. First of all, my wonderful husband of almost 3 years was deployed to Afghanistan with the Navy, which left me to be a pseudo single parent to our very busy 11-month-old daughter, Caylee. I say pseudo single because lets face it, I was a chicken and didn’t want to do it by myself so I moved back to Indiana with my parents so that I would have the extra help. Let me just say that was probably the most stressful decision that I have had to make in a long time. If any of you have moved back home after the tender age of 21, especially with children of your own…you’ll know just what I mean. It was a very stressful time for me with my husband gone, being my daughter’s sole caretaker, and trying to let my parent’s comments just roll off my back. I know they meant well, but come on now! Whew!!! I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make it through what I was sure was going to be the longest 6 months of my life.

Well now my husband is back (since 9/14/06 around midnight) and we are going through the current stress of moving back to our current duty station in Jacksonville, Florida. Things have been different, but they seem to be getting better everyday. Then again, I’ve been told at times that I could very well be delusional when it comes to these kinds of things. My daughter is still getting used to having her daddy back while also dealing with the separation from my mom, step-dad and other members of my family. She still isn’t really sure about being left alone with her daddy, but hopefully that too will pass. Let’s all hope that that passes sooner rather than later or I will probably lose my sanity soon. I can’t remember the last time that I had a minute to myself.

I think I’ll stop venting for now, as my brain needs to get ready for bed. In closing, I want to leave you with this…just when you think that your life is too hectic to deal with, just remember that there is someone else out there who is or has been in your shoes. I recommend a nice glass of wine (or several if you feel the need) and lots of chocolate.

Take care for now, and I hope that you enjoyed reading my post / vent! Maybe even some of you can relate to my situation.

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