Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogging Project Runway - Amy Style!

I knew in my heart of hearts that Jeffrey would show at Fashion Week. Plus I'd already heard a review of all four finalists shows. So I knew it had to be. But still - there was that doubt.

Yep! He's there! Those tricky Bravo people made it look like he was crying out of shock and sadness in all the previews. But it was really shock and relief. Yay! And the way it was resolved seems fair - take out the shorts and get rid of the wigs.

Now - seen Jeffrey's show and Uli's. Both were good. Didn't like Jeffrey's as much as I thought I would. But loved that third dress (I think) with the short poofy skirt.

Here comes Laura's...

Wow. I liked Laura's. Yes, some of it was very typical of her, but some was out of the box and great.

I'd heard that Michael's collection was the worst of them. But I didn't think it was that awful. Yes, hoochey. Yes, bright. And I think I saw the same exact dress in 2 differnt prints one right after the other. But basically good. Too bad he wasn't great. I've liked him all along.

So - I really do think it's between Jeffrey and Laura. If Jeffrey had been disqualified, I would have hoped for Laura to win. Now I think the fight is between the two of them.

As much as I want Jeffrey to win - he's been so fresh, young, innovative and daring the whole season long - I kind of think Laura's going to take it. Let's see what the judges have to say, shall we?

Huh. Yeah, Michael is definitely out. But it seems like the clear winner is Uli. Maybe followed by Laura. Or Jeffrey (but they hated that one gown). I don't know. Or maybe - oh Bravo - you're tricking us again and editing to make it look like they love Uli most. But someone else will win.

No. I'm sure it's Uli. Fine. Whatever. I just think she did more of the same thing she's done all season long. And by every woman wanting to wear her clothes... Yeah, maybe if every woman is 7 feet tall and exotically beautiful.

Let's see. Verdict coming up after the commercial....

Yay!!!!!! I knew it!!! I told you Bravo was just playin' with the editing. Yay!!!! I had breakfast with a friend about a month or more ago and she asked me who I thought would win and I said I liked Jeffrey. I'm NEVER right about these things! I rock! Jeffrey rocks! Awesome!

Woo hoo! Project Runway is the best!

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