Thursday, October 26, 2006

List of Yuck

Writing gig coming to an end - kinda good, kinda bad

Tutoring keeping me busy and stressed

Found out today that I have a UTI, but I have no symptoms - whatever

Blogger sucks!

Busy, busy weekends - hardly home last weekend, more to do this weekend, and at-home parties to attend and host in the coming weeks

House is a mess, as usual

Cut Sweetie's hair tonight - for the first time (my mom usually cuts it) - don't know if I did a good job or not

Just don't feel like talking - was blah/rude to Hubby. Sorry

Surgery in January

Back up to Lebanon in December for more testing and pre-op stuff

Have to finish book club book by this weekend - not gonna happen

Hubby and I are both working and can't take Sweetie trick or treating

My neck has hurt all day - did I sleep wrong? Or is it glandular?

I'm so tired

Should just go to bed - or read - but would rather read magazines than my book, if I read at all

I want to see a friend for lunch on Monday - without Sweetie. But don't want to bother my mom with watching her. Mom's not feeling well and Mondays are her day off from Sweetie

Birthdays and Christmas and car registration and new tires and water bill, etc., etc., etc.....

Fridays are typically great for most people, but they're my craziest days - ugh

Give me strength


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