Sunday, October 08, 2006

We're Baaaaaacccckkkk!

Hello! Greetings from sunny..... New Hampshire. Yes, we're back from our Bermudian cruise. Had a fabulous time. Glad to be home, though, if only to see our Sweetie again. Although, apparently, she didn't miss us.

We missed you Sweetie.

I didn't miss you, Mommy and Daddy.

Reason I was able to hold back the tears when saying goodbye to Sweetie last Saturday morning: She pushed my face away, saying No kisses! No hugs! Nothing!

Reason I was able to hold back the tears when saying hello to her yesterday: Daddy got to her first - at her insistance and allowance of hugs and kisses - and then she didn't want me. Only Daddy. I only got a polite, Hi Mommy.

Further gems from Sweetie on yesterday's ride home from the bus station:

No, Mommy, I want Daddy to sit next to me. Not you.

Duck your head, Mommy, so I can see my Daddy.

Daddy, you're so silly. (I'm) silly too. We are both so silly. And Mommy, you're....just fine.

Wow. I always knew I was somewhat reserved, but who knew I was such a total wet blanket? Kids - they do speaketh the truth. So, so sad.

Anyway, like I said, we had a wonderful time on our cruise. Only the last full day of sailing home was rough waters. Not so bad for me, but Hubby almost got sick a few times, despite taking pills and wearing acupressure bands on his wrists.

Our cruising days, both coming and going, were cloudy and cold. But every day in Bermuda was beautiful! We shopped, beached, ate and drank. We had lots of fun with our dinner mates - 3 other couples all around our age and, ironically, all there to celebrate our respective wedding anniversaries. (Which, unfortunately, meant 4 "celebration cakes" which we all quickly agreed tasted like wet newspapers. After 2 of those we wised up and asked for a different kind of cake. So our third was a cheese cake - better than the soggy papers. And the last was a vanilla cake - the best of them all, although still not totally delicious. The rest of the abundant food offerings we great, though. So s'all good in the end.)

I'll write more later. I've got lots of stories to share. But for now I've got to stop. My head is still spinning from the motion of the ocean and I'm having trouble looking at the screen. I fear it's going to be several days before my equilibrium completely equilibriates.

But, for now, I'll leave you with this picture. Sure, it doesn't really prove that we were on a cruise. But it proves we were together, with drinks, having lots of fun. Which, after all, is all that really matters, right? Right.

Maybe I'm not such a total wet blanket after all.

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