Friday, October 27, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #29

On Monday I took Sweetie with me to get my hair cut. She didn't want to go at first, but I reminded her that there were toys there and a T.V. where she could watch videos. That cinched it - she was eager to go!

But first I stopped at the drive-thru window at the bank. Along with my money from my cashed check, the teller slipped me a lollipop for Sweetie. Thank you very much! That should come in handy. :)

So - the haircut is great and Sweetie did very well. She sat and watched a video the whole time. No fussing at all.

Then the time came to leave. But Sweetie didn't want to go. While waving her hands around, she matter-of-factly declared,

I don't want to go, I don't want to go, I don't want to go!

I have a lollipop in the car for you.

Not two seconds later, without skipping a beat...

Um, can you turn that (the video) off for me please?


The last two times I've helped Sweetie out of the car, she's wanted to unclick her carseat buckle herself. I've asked her if she needs help, but she answers,

No thanks. I got everything under control.


On Friday my dad came home early from work. So he, my mom, and Sweetie went outside to play and do some yard work. My dad was in the back yard and my mom was in the side yard when she realized Sweetie had disappeared!

My mom called for her as she looked around, soon deciding to head inside to check.

Are you in here? mom called as she went inside.

Yes! I'm down here! Sweetie called.

Mom thought Sweetie must have gone in to go potty. But, no. She found Sweetie way down the hall, in my parents' bed, with the covers pulled way up over her head.

When asked why she was there, Sweetie explained that she was hiding from the bug (a spider) that was crawling on her outside toys.

Watch out, Sweetie. It's gonna getcha!

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