Monday, October 09, 2006

Mama Monday #33

Theme: Taste

Seven years ago today about 100 members of our friends and families gathered to honor our union, celebrate our love, and toast us on our new life together. Good food and drink added to the fun. We dined at a beautiful English manor-type establishment and were all treated like kings and queens. The food was so outstanding, in fact, that our guests were too busy enjoying the bounty to think about clinking their wine glasses to get us to kiss.

Six years ago today we brought out the top of our wedding cake, lit a candle, and enjoyed the moment. However, since my parents' freezer - where the cake had been stored - was at some point unplugged for some amount of time, we didn't dare taste it. It still looked good, but who knows what was going on inside.

Most of our anniversaries since have involved going out to dinner to celebrate. As we do with our vacations, we also do with our celebrations - we follow our taste buds! It's a real treat for us to splurge with tasty food and beautiful surroundings. Whether it's a gourmet meal at an upscale jazz bistro, or our favorite chain restaurant, we love sharing our anniversaries together over really wonderful food.

Seven days ago we were embarking on our Bermudian cruise. Our first cruise ever! And, boy did we have fun. Talk about food! So much food it was hard to choose what to eat. From waffles and eggs to lobster and quail - the choices were virtually endless. Sadly, the only dissappointment regarding the food on the cruise were the desserts. Specifically (as I mentioned in yesterday's post) the "celebration cake" they offered in honor of birthdays and anniversaries. All four couples at our dinner table were celebrating anniversaries last week, so we were actually saddened that we'd be subjected to several of these cakes. However, after talking to some crew members, we upgraded and were "allowed" to get a different type of cake, which was better. So it all worked out in the end. Another culinary excursion successfully and happily sated!

As for tonight, there'll be no major celebration. At least concerning food. Originally I had hoped to go out to eat tonight, even though we already officially celebrated our anniversary with the cruise. But now I'd rather just stay home and remain quiet. So maybe tonight it will be popcorn shrimp and french fries or a heaping bowl of spaghetti. But whatever it is, we'll enjoy our time together, celebrate our love, and have fun with our Sweetie, appreciating all the wonderful things the last seven years have brought to us.

Happy Anniversary, Pumpkin Eyes. I love you. Thanks for showing me a taste of your world, for encouraging me to explore my own interests and dreams, and for joining me for many, many more years of wonderful, exciting adventures together.

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