Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Blessing In Disguise

So, our cable got downgraded a couple days ago. Really downgraded. To the most basic of all basic channel options. That means no more TLC, no more Food Network, no more Bravo. And, for poor little Sweetie - no more Disney Channel or Nick.

Oh, woe is us.

This downgrade wasn't by choice but by our cable company. It's a long story but basically they made a mistake, years ago, giving us more cable channels than they should have. Recently, the original company was bought out and my guess is that this new company is just setting every account straight, making sure each customer is getting what they're paying for.

They found us out. Okay, then. Whatever.

To upgrade back to what we've gotten used to would mean an extra $30+ dollars a month. I don't think so. Hubby and I agree - let's give this fewer T.V. options thing a shot.

And let me tell ya - so far, so good.

The first evening, we actually turned the T.V. off around dinner time and instituted Family Music Hour - pick a CD or favorite radio station and start dancin' (also a great distraction for Sweetie against the Zach and Cody and Raven episodes she'd be missing).

Yesterday during the middle of the day, Sweetie and I went grocery shopping with my mom. That is, mom took Sweetie and I to do our grocery shopping (usually a task left up to Hubby - or at least a team effort between he and I. So it was nice to take charge and get out and about).

Today during the late morning hours I - gasp - went up and cleaned out the clutter from our bedroom. The bed is made, the clothes and magazines that were heaped on the chair are all sorted and put away (mags sorted alphabetically and by date). And I even brought in a nice little side table and table top decorations to liven up the joint.

Best yet - Hubby likes it! (Again, he and I usually work together to organize and rearrange things. But I guess I did okay on my own with this one).

Hubby and I were pretty sure we'd handle the fewer T.V. options pretty well. It's always been our goal anyway to watch less, but with so many choices it was hard to abide by. Still, I'm most going to miss What Not To Wear. And Hubby is going to miss Good Eats. But, really, it's fine. Whatever.

I was worried about Sweetie, though. She's used to watching Hi-5 in the early morning. And she's an absolute nut for Blue's Clues. She also enjoys The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets. Then, in the evening, there's Zach and Cody, Raven and Hannah Montana. Would she put up a stink? Would she demand to know where her shows went?

Well, it's only been a couple days now, but - she's fine. Great thing about her age is that she's easily distracted. Yes, she has a great memory. She knows that after Backyardigans is The Wonder Pets. But if I turn the T.V. off and tell her, Now you can play Hulabaloo! - then that's what she's up for. Wonder Pets? What's a Wonder Pet?

So - life is good.

Ironically, thanks to The Secret, I decided I wanted to make a collage board with pictures and words depicting all the wonderful things I want in my/our life. One of the things I intend to put on this board is the saying, More reality, less T.V. I thought of this, oh, I don't know, on Monday evening. Tuesday midday, our cable was downgraded.

Looks like that Law of Attraction thing truly is a powerful force.

(BTW, I also intend to have much more disposable cash in our lives. And a couple days ago I decided to ask the credit card companies for a lower interest rate for both Hubby and my cards. "Sure! No problem." Yay! - there's a ton of saved money right there! We are on a roll.).

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