Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

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13 Things In Our House That We Intentionally Purchased, Yet Have Never (or very rarely) Been Touched/Used/Viewed

1) The Complete Oxford English Dictionary - not that the OED is something one would really use on any sort of regular basis. Especially the edition I have - it came with its own magnifying glass because the large, paper thin pages each have about 8 of the actual pages condensed down onto them. But - it's still in its box. Not displayed. Not anywhere special. It's just taking up space.

2) A Personal Sized Trampoline - for exercising. Not.

3) A Car Fridge - granted, I just got this one for Hubby this recent Christmas. But it's currently sitting, in its box, in our kitchen. Doesn't seem like it's going to leave the premises and make it to the car anytime soon, but here's hopin'.

4) The Illustrated Da Vinci Code - yes, Hubby had already read The Da Vinci Code when I gave him the Illustrated version as a gift. But we both liked the book so much that I thought for sure we'd take advantage of reading it again - with pictures! ... Or, maybe not.

5) A computer program which converts drawings to counted cross stitch patterns - I actually asked for this a few Christmas's back. I really wanted it! I got it! .... I've never touched it.

6) A Blue Squooshy Tube Pillow - I thought Hubby would really appreciate having a long, blue, squooshy pillow to lounge upon. I mean, who wouldn't?! My mistake. Oh well - Sweetie got a couple good uses out of it. I don't know, maybe Hubby did too. Alas, it also quickly lost its appeal.

7) A Chess Board - This one is actually a 3-in-1 game board that I gave to Hubby one year because I knew how much he enjoyed playing chess. Problem - I don't know how to play chess, nor do I desire to learn how. So - no one to play against = no playing at all. Maybe he can teach Sweetie soon.

8) Several DVD's - Definitely my fault here (I guess). The untouched ones are mostly "boy" movies that I don't care to watch. And Hubby's not one to take time out to watch a movie all by himself. And so, they sit, collecting dust.

9) Our Professional Cruise Pictures - This one is just sad. I mean, they're really nice pictures of us! Hubby says he wants to get them framed, and I believe him. But Hubby wants to do a lot of things - to the house, in his life, etc... and most, unfortunately, don't make it to fruition (in a timely matter, anyway). So, at least I can hope, knowing the intention to get them framed and displayed is there.

10) Hubby’s Pub Table - Hubby built a gorgeous pub table in a woodworking class last winter. It's really very nice. But all it's doing is sitting in the corner, acting as a catch all for more random junk which also doesn't serve any purpose in our house. I blame our low ceilings, actually. It's a high table and the ceilings are low. We need a professional designer to come in and tell us exactly where to put this bad boy so that it acheives its maximum aesthetic and functional purpose.

11) An Electronic Scrabble Dictionary - Hubby just got me this for Christmas. It's pretty cool! I tried to use it once when we played Scrabble, but Hubby admonished me, saying I was cheating by using it. So - when exactly is a good time to use it, I ask? It's got lots of cool functions! I want to use it, really. But when?

12) Lots of Stuffed Animals for Sweetie - Admittedly, Sweetie has started to play with her animals more than she has in the past. But there are many she still doesn't even acknowledge. And that's after we cleaned several out from her collection to give to needy kids over the holidays. Note to relatives - Sweetie doesn't need any more stuffed animals!

13) Several Christmas Related Books - Hubby tends to get me nice, hard cover Christmas-themed books for the holidays. They're interesting. They're often beautiful. But hardly ever, if ever, cracked open. I'd love to take the time to browse through them, but my life seems to lack the time to do such things. Especially around the holidays.

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